More Just

Podcast cover with illustration of Erwin Chemerinsky and the words "More Just"

How can law schools, students, and professors make our legal system better and more equitable for all? Join Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, one of the nation’s leading constitutional law scholars, as he explores the answers. 

Chemerinsky has been a law school leader for more than a decade, and a professor for 40 years. But today’s problems seem different, and more intractable: Threats to our democracy. The rise of authoritarianism. The vast peril of climate change. Yawning wealth disparities and racial inequalities. 

The rule of law — and the role of the law — has never been more important. In these difficult times, law schools can, and must, play an active role in finding solutions. But how? Each episode of "More Just" starts with a problem, then explores potential solutions, featuring Chemerinsky as well as other deans, professors, students, and advocates, about how they’re making law schools matter.