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Please join other Poverty Law academics, advocates and activists for panels and discussions about work in the field of Poverty Law at Berkeley Law on Friday and Saturday, April 10 and 11th.  Panels will feature leading academics from around the country as well as Berkeley Law professors. Sessions will cover Welfare Theory, Tax, Family & Children, Disability, Legal Services, Housing & more. Lunch provided.


 DRAFT Conference Agenda

Friday, April 10, 2020
9:00-9:15 am

Welcome to Berkeley!

Berkeley Law professors Abbye Atkinson, Joy Milligan, Jeff Selbin and Karen Tani

9:20-10:40 am

Panel Session 1 

Welfare Theory 

  • Lee Fennell (Chicago): “Slicing and Lumping Public Assistance”
  • Andrew Hammond (Univ. of Florida): “The Old New Property”
  • Kathryn A. Sabbeth (Univ. of North Carolina): “Underdevelopment of Poor People’s Law”
  • David Papke (Marquette): “Law and the Poor: An Interdisciplinary Study of Law’s Relationship to Poverty”


  • Karen Czapanskiy (Maryland): “What’s Tax Got to Do with It?: Structured Settlements, Factoring and Impoverished Communities”
  • Stacey L. Tutt (UC-Irvine): “Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit by Excluding Cancellation of Debt Income”
  • Francine J. Lipman (UNLV): “Audited: Automating Racism”
  • Ariel Jurow Kleiman (San Diego): “Impoverishment by Taxation”
10:50 am-12:30 pm

Panel Session 2 

Family and Children

  • Jane Stoever (UC-Irvine): “Mirandizing Family Justice”
  • Jill C. Engle (Penn State-University Park): “Re-conceptualizing Harm: Family Violence Remedies and Poverty Reduction”
  • Clare Huntington (Fordham): “Legal Perspectives on Early Childhood Development”
  • Barbara Fedders (Univ. of North Carolina): “How Juvenile Court Impoverishes Parents”

“Fines, Fees, and The Academy: Collaborative Opportunities for Teaching and Advocacy”

  • Colleen F. Shanahan (Columbia)
  • Jeff Selbin (UC-Berkeley)
  • Others TBD
12:30-1:30 pm

Lunch and Keynote

Tirien Steinbach (ACLU of Northern California)

1:40-2:20 pm

Panel Session 3 


  • Tonya L. Brito (Wisconsin): “Litigating Poverty”
  • Daniel L. Nagin (Harvard): “Mysterious Filing Fees, Phony Cases, and Judicial Empathy: A Legal History of U.S. v. Kras”


  • Sarah H. Lorr (Brooklyn): “Demands Beyond Reason: Expectations and Requirements of Motherhood in Light of Courts’ Failure to Enforce the ADA in Termination of Parental Rights Case”
  • Jasmine E. Harris (UC-Davis): “Disability Debts”

Legal Services

  • Jabeen Adawi (Georgetown): “Changing Every Wrong Door into the Right One: Barriers to Justice and Empowerment in Traditional Legal Service Intake Models”
  • Alissa Rubin Gomez (Houston) & Renee Danser (Harvard): “Demand-Side Justice”

Work Requirements

  • Sidney D. Watson (St. Louis University): “Work Requirements, Waivers and Judicial Review: Protecting Medicaid (and other Anti-Poverty Programs) from Agency Overreach”
  • Medha D. Makhlouf (Penn State Dickinson): “Laboratories of Exclusion: Medicaid, Federalism, and Immigrants”

Book Talk

  • Andrea Freeman (Hawai’i): “Skimmed: Breastfeeding, Race, and Injustice”
2:30-3:30 pm

Panel Session 4

“State Efforts to Reform Legal Services Regulation”

  • Anna E. Carpenter (Utah)
  • Alyx Mark (Wesleyan)
  • Lucy Ricca (Stanford)


  • Elizabeth Elia (New Mexico): “Perpetual Affordability Covenants: Can These Land Use Tools Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis?”
  • Norrinda Brown Hayat (Rutgers-Newark): “Housing Abolition”
  • Andrea J. Boyack (Washburn): “Fairer Housing, Better Education”
  • Anthony V. Alfieri (Miami): “Black, Poor, and Gone: Civil Rights Law’s Inner-City Crisis”


  • Jenny E. Carroll (Alabama): “The Hidden Cost of Non-Monetary Conditions of Release in a World of Bail Reform”
  • Noah Zatz (UCLA): “Better Than Jail: Social Policy in the Shadow of Racialized Mass Incarceration”
  • SpearIt (Thurgood Marshall): “Jailhouse Lawyering and Probono Publico: Turning a Prisoner’s Last Hope into Lasting Hope”
3:40-5:00 pm

Panel Session 5


  • Tristin Green (Univ. of San Francisco): “Rethinking Racial Entitlements”
  • Joy Milligan (UC-Berkeley): “Spending Clause Civil Rights”
  • Michele Gilman (Baltimore): “Five Privacy Principles (from the GDPR) the United States Should Adopt to Advance Economic Justice”
  • Amalie Frese (European University Institute): “Poverty as a Prohibited Ground of Discrimination in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights”


  • Margaret Hagan (Stanford): “A Strategic Blueprint for Eviction System Redesign”
  • Juliet Brodie (Stanford): TBD Housing/Evictions
  • Katy Ramsey (Memphis): “Self-Help Is Alive and Well: The Problem of Extra-Judicial Evictions and the Need to Reform the Summary Process”
  • Clare Pastore (USC): “Eviction, Right to Counsel, and the Preservation of Affordable Housing”
Saturday, April 11, 2020
9:30-10:30 am

Panel Session 6

Access to Justice

  • Katherine Wallat (Denver): “Reconceptualizing the Lawyers’ Role in Accessing Justice”
  • Claire Johnson Raba (UC-Irvine): “Low-Income Litigants as Guinea Pigs for the Free Market: State Court Public Record Access and the Necessity of Empirical Data to Evaluate Emerging Technologies in the Legaltech A2J Market”
  • Elizabeth L. MacDowell (UNLV): “The Sex/Gender Diversity and Access to Justice Project”


  • Sara K. Rankin (Seattle): “Hiding Homelessness: The Transcarceration of Homelessness”
  • Marc L. Roark (Southern): “Homeless Cities: Martin v. City of Boise, how we got here and where it leads”
  • Nantiya Ruan (Denver): “Anti-Homeless Advocacy: the Legality of Policy Work of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Colorado”

“Immigrants Rising Through Access to Higher Education & UndocuHustle”

  • Dr. Iliana Perez, Immigrants Rising
  • TBD Undocumented Fellow, Immigrants Rising
  • Francine J. Lipman (UNLV)


  • Uma Outka (Kansas): “Energy Law and the Low-Income Household”
  • Camille Pannu (Irvine): “Water Poverty”
  • Latonia Haney Keith (Concordia): “The Constitutionality of Water Tax Liens”
10:40 am-12:00 pm

Panel Session 7


  • Muhammad Zaheer Abbas (International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan): “Implications of Poverty, Inequalities and Trade Liberalization for Access to Health Technologies: An Evaluation of India’s Legislative Response”
  • Brietta R. Clark (Loyola Los Angeles): “Expanding Health Care’s Reach into Poor Communities: Improving Community Health or Widening the Net of Social Control?”
  • Laura Hermer (Mitchell Hamline): “The Means and Ends of Wellness Programs”
  • Kaaryn Gustafson (UC-Irvine): “Tallying the Expendables: Illuminating and Countering Social Darwinism in American Law and Policy”


  • Daniela A. Tagtachian (Miami): “The Role of New Urbanism in Global Urban Displacement”
  • Etienne C. Toussaint (Univ. of the District of Columbia): “Beyond Opportunity Zones: Fostering Economic Democracy Through Community Investment Trusts”
  • Jennifer Safstrom (Georgetown): “The Devastating Impact of Natural Disasters in Magnifying Socioeconomic Inequities”
  • Alina Ball (Hastings): “Corporate Community Lawyering”
12:00-1:00 pm

Lunch and Socializing (informal)

1:10-2:50 pm

Panel Session 8

“Tribal Economic Development”

  • Gregory Ablavsky (Stanford)
  • Seth Davis (UC-Berkeley)
  • Katherine Florey (UC-Davis)
  • Ezra Rosser (American)
  • Robert J. Miller (Arizona State): “Creating Private Sector Economies in Native America”


  • JoNel Newman (Miami) & Melissa Swain (Miami): “Anti-Poverty Practice Changes in Response to the War on Impoverished Immigrants”
  • Shayak Sarkar (UC-Davis): “Capital Controls as Migrant Controls”
  • Julian Montijo (Northeastern): “Child Welfare, Immigration, and the Rights to (and need for) Representation”
  • Stephen Lee (Irvine): “Entrepreneurialism in the Age of Workplace Enforcement”
  • Shanta Trivedi (Baltimore): “My Family Belongs to Me: A Child’s Right to Family Integrity”

Employment and Education

  • Daniele de Mattos Carreira Turqueti (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil): “Social dumping: the right to work and the stratification of the world society”
  • Pascal McDougall (Harvard): “What the Economics of Collective Bargaining Teach Us About Antipoverty Strategies in Housing, Consumer, and Credit Markets”
  • Ruqaiijah Yearby (St. Louis Univ.): “Poverty, Low-wages, and Medicaid”
  • Courtney Anderson (Georgia State): “Engaging Diversity: Pathways to Bioethics for Minority Students”
  • Amber Baylor (Texas A&M): “Reparations for the War on Vulnerable Students”
3:00-3:40 pm

Panel Session 9

“Teaching Technology: Addressing Technological Threats to Marginalized People and Finding Technology’s Promise”

  • Michele Gilman (Baltimore)
  • Jennifer Urban (Berkeley)

“A New Battleground: Rulemaking and the Role of Lawyers in the Anti-Hunger Movement”

  • TBD MAZON Speakers

“Access to Justice Advocacy with a Rural Focus”

  • Zach Newman (Legal Aid Association of California)

Contract Law

  • Danielle Kie Hart (Southwestern): “So The Haves Come Out Ahead. What Else is New?”
  • Daniele Imbruglia (Università di Roma) & Sara Amighetti (University of Zurich): “When contract law meets poverty”

 International Lessons

  • Yael Efron (Zefat Academic College): “What is taught by clinical teaching? An Israeli law school as a test case”
  • Kristen Barnes (Syracuse): “Housing, Debt, and Poverty in Europe”
3:50-4:50 pm

Panel Session 10

Criminal Law

  • Sunita Patel (UCLA): “Policing Poverty”
  • Timothy M. Mulvaney (Texas A&M): “A World of Distrust”
  • Giacomo Pailli & Alessandro Simoni (Univ. of Florence): “Begging, rule of law and academic activism in Italy”


  • Steven M. Virgil (Wake Forest): “Voting barriers as a response to the reduced efficacy of social welfare as a means of social control – The Conflicting Position of Welfare Reform and The National Voter Registration Act of 1993”
  • Julie Nice (Univ. of San Francisco): “Deconstitutionalization of Poverty Law and Access to Democracy”
  • Yael Cohen-Rimer (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel): “Not by bread alone: A theoretical and practical Constitutional Approach to Poverty”

Legal Services 2

  • Marc-Tizoc González (New Mexico): “Chicano and Chicana Rebellions: California Rural Legal Assistance y los Centros Legales de Norte California
  • Tom Lininger (Oregon): “Putting Justice Within: Reach of the Poor: A Proposal to Revise Ethical Rules for Lawyers and Judges”
  • Javad Gohari (European Academy of Humanities and Business Studies): “Poverty and Inaccessibility of Justice in England”
4:50-5:00 pm

Closing & Thanks

Ezra Rosser


Berkeley Locals Cheat Sheet!

BART is quite reliable and it reaches all the way North to Richmond and South to the A’s Stadium and Fremont.  On most days it’s a 40-minute ride to downtown SF (sometimes transfer needed at MacArthur station), and in SF it connects with the elevated MUNI to get to all the SF Neighborhoods and sites and, e.g., the awesome Golden Gate Park.  

Here are some favorites:

Angelines:  Louisiana/Cajun

La Note:  French

Comal:  Gourmet Regional Mexican

SAHA:  Mediterranean

Gather:  Gourmet Vegetarian (with limited meat)

Great China:  Gourmet Chinese

Cornerstone: Comfort Food 

Revival:  American/California Cuisine

Kirala: Gourmet Japanese and Sushi

Zino: (in the Hotel Shattuck Plaza):  Mediterranean

All of the above have entrees in the $17-$25 range.  Other cheaper options nearby might include:

Cancun:  Mexican

Berkeley Social Club:  Eclectic Asian American

Jupiter:  Pub – Pizza, Burgers, Salads (nice outdoor area)

Venus:  California Cuisine

Great places within a short Uber drive:

Zachary’s Pizza:  Deep Dish Pizza

Royal Rangoon: Chinese, Burmese, Asian Fusion

Picante:  Authentic Mexican

Cheeseboard Pizza Collective: Gourmet pizza and live music

The Ohlone Greenway is a well-maintained running and biking trail running through neighborhoods next to the BART.  To find, head west down Allston Way from Hotel Shattuck Plaza for about 8 blocks.

The Bay Trail is also a well-maintained running and biking trail right next to the Bay, with a beautiful view of SF and the Golden Gate Bridge.   To find, head West down University Avenue, cross I-80, where you’ll immediately find the sidewalk trail, which you can take North all the way to Richmond, or South all the way to the Bay Bridge.  You can go quite far across the Bay Bridge before having to turn around.

UC Berkeley has an actual running track near to Downtown -the Edwards Track.

Strawberry Canyon Swimming Pool is up in the Berkeley Hills in a lovely forest setting.


Tilden Park is an amazing expanse of forests and trails, up a steep hill heading East.  It’s basically the whole other side of the hill you find at the edge of campus.  Particular highlight is a walking/hiking/ biking trail called Inspiration Point that goes for miles in the beautiful hill country just East of Berkeley.

Lawrence Hall of Science is at the top of the Berkeley hills.  At night you see an array of lights along the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge, and all the SF city skyline.  On a clear night it’s pretty breathtaking.

The campus is pretty nice to walk around.  There’s a small but beautiful Redwood Grove right near downtown.  There’s the Campanile Tower, and the Sather Gate, the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, where you’ll still see lots of speakers and arguments going on.  Berkeley Law School is at the corner of Piedmont and Bancroft, a vigorous 12 minute walk up the hill from downtown Berkeley.  

If you walk up Bancroft and turn right at Telegraph, and you’ll see several blocks of street vendors (where to get your tie-dye and political t-shirts).  Many interesting people afoot.  If you walk south away from campus past Dwight Avenue, there are a couple good thrift stores with vintage bargains galore.

The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is a couple blocks from the Brower Center and is a great place to explore, especially for film buffs.

Freight and Salvage is a famous folk venue that launched many artists careers. 


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