Local Surveillance Oversight Ordinances White Paper

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Student white paper compares and contrasts local surveillance technology ordinances from across the country

In the past few years, jurisdictions across the country have passed local surveillance technology ordinances. These ordinances are meant to bring more transparency and democratic control to local government use of surveillance technology. They passed in response to a push by civil rights and civil liberties groups concerned with the increasingly powerful surveillance capabilities of local law enforcement agencies. This student white paper is an effort to catalog and compare the local surveillance technology oversight ordinances that have passed so far based on the text of the ordinances themselves. It is authored by Berkeley Law students Ari Chivukula ’21 and Tyler Takemoto ’22, under the supervision of Catherine Crump and Juliana DeVries.

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Feb 16, 2021

Local Surveillance Oversight Ordinances

By Ari Chivukula and Tyler Takemoto