Report on the Digital Divide and Access to Justice

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Representation of public interest organization for report on broadband access and digital equity.

On behalf of Next Century Cities, a nonprofit organization that represents the interests of local governments in broadband policy, Samuelson Clinic students drafted a report on the importance of broadband for access to justice, civic engagement, and government services. Working with Associate Clinic Director Erik Stallman and Clinical Teaching Fellow Gabrielle Daley, 3L students Shalev Netanel and Ross Ufberg spoke with 27 professionals who provide legal, civic, and government services across California. These conversations inform the report’s findings and recommendations to think more expansively about both the challenges faced by the under-connected and about the opportunities for bridging the digital divide.

In addition to drafting the report, the students convened a panel discussing its findings with interviewees during the client’s annual conference.

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Mar 28, 2022

Cut Off From the Courthouse: How the Digital Divide Impacts Access to Justice and Civic Engagement

By Next Century Cities and the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic