Civil Liberties

User Choices and Regret

Clinic students authored an article entitled "User Choices and Regret: Understanding Users’ Decision Process About Consensually Acquired Spyware."

Post-Election Audits: Restoring Trust in Elections

The Samuelson Clinic co-authored, with the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, the first comprehensive review of state laws and academic research on audits designed to check the integrity of electronic voting systems.

RFID Technology in the US e-Passport

The Clinic submitted comments to U.S. Department of State on electronic passports on behalf of eight leading computer scientists and engineers, and conducted other related research.

Private Sector Use of the Social Security Number

The Clinic provided comments and testimony to the Federal Trade Commission related to credit grantors' use of social security numbers both as a record locator to identify individuals, and as a password to authenticate them.