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    How the GC of a Startup Building ‘Harmless’ AI Balances Risks, Rewards (08/30/2023)

    The quandary of how to balance innovation and risk is discussed on Coffee Break with Irene Liu, a Berkeley Boosts webinar series from Berkeley Law Executive Education.

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    Layoffs Are Spreading. After All, There’s Only So Much Work to Go Around (06/20/2023)

    “Most big firms, I think they’d say they’re busier again,” said Adam Sterling, the assistant dean for executive education and revenue generation at Berkeley Law. “But law firms aren’t great about managing their head count on a regular basis. Often, they take action in response to crises. Either there’s too much work and attorneys are complaining about how much they’re billing, or the market is slowing, and some firms are laying off people, so others say we should do it as well.”

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    Berkeley Law Seeks to Help Legal Professionals Impacted by Layoffs (06/14/2023)

    By offering this support, Berkeley Law Executive Education hopes not only to “mitigate the disruption caused by job loss, but also to foster a vibrant, interconnected community of lifelong learners, ready to adapt to and shape the future of the legal profession,” said Adam Sterling assistant dean of Berkeley Law’s Executive Education and Revenue Generation, and the executive director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Business at Berkeley Law.