Transcript Fall 2018

  • Equal Justice (11/15/2018)

    A new joint initiative between Berkeley Law and UC Irvine School of Law strives to make the civil justice system more accessible and fair.

  • Pro Bonotes

    Pro Bonotes Offer Harmonious Fun (11/15/2018)

    Berkeley Law’s in-house a capella troupe provides scintillating sound for audiences and a welcome creative outlet for members.

  • A Quick Study on Equity and Inclusion (11/15/2018)

    Noor-ul-ain Hasan ’20, a powerful advocate for diversity, receives numerous accolades for her early achievements in the field. 

  • Confronting Human Trafficking (11/15/2018)

    Human Rights Center assesses anti-trafficking efforts in five Bay Area counties and LA County’s novel investigation bureau.

  • In Their Own Words (11/15/2018)

    Five alums in different types of legal work describe how the International Human Rights Law Clinic prepared them well.

  • Protecting Human Rights Defenders (11/14/2018)

    Three clinic initiatives aim to help protect human rights activities and bring greater attention to the challenges they face.

  • Border Accountability (11/14/2018)

    Roxanna Altholz ’99 pursues legal redress for relatives of those killed at the U.S.-Mexico border by U.S. federal agents.

  • Expanding the Time-Space Continuum (11/13/2018)

    Classmates Hannah Genton ’13 and Noam Cohen ’13 find happiness and flexibility running their virtual law firm CGL.

  • Pushing Big Law to Make a Big Dent (11/13/2018)

    Corey Laplante ’13, founder of The Associates Committee, enlists colleagues to help support legal aid organizations.

  • Miami Nice: New Venture Helps Lawyers Find Their Footing (11/13/2018)

    A new venture led by Kristen Corpion ’13 strives to make legal communities more welcoming and easier to navigate.