Course listing for Eric Biber

Eric Biber is teaching the following courses in Spring 2018:

270.6 sec. 001 - Energy Law and Policy
271 sec. 001 - Environmental Law & Policy
273.1 sec. 001 - Land Use Law

Courses During Other Semesters

SemesterCourse NumCourse Titlelock Teaching Evaluations
Fall 2018 271.5 sec. 001Environmental Law Writing Seminar 
 286.5 sec. 001Federal Indian Law 
Fall 2018 271S sec. 001Foundations of Environmental Law 
Fall 2017 271.S sec. 1Foundations of Environmental LawView Teaching Evaluation
Spring 2017 203 sec. 1PropertyView Teaching Evaluation
 273.63 sec. 1Public Lands and Natural Resources LawView Teaching Evaluation
 274.7 sec. 1Environmental Law ColloquiumView Teaching Evaluation
 295.5E sec. 1Environmental Law ClinicView Teaching Evaluation