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220.92 sec. 001 - Democracy and the First Amendment (Spring 2022)

Instructor: Burt NMN Neuborne  (view instructor's profile)
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Units: 2
Grading Designation: Graded
Mode of Instruction: In-Person


Th 3:35 PM - 5:25 PM
Location: Law 244
From January 13, 2022
To April 22, 2022

Course Start: January 13, 2022
Course End: April 22, 2022
Class Number: 32569

Enrollment info:
Enrolled: 16
Waitlisted: 0
Enroll Limit: 24
As of: 07/19 11:58 AM

The seminar will explore the interaction between Democracy and the First Amendment. We will ask how (or whether) the First Amendment protects the right to vote, run for office, support or oppose candidates, enjoy fair representation, spend money, seek relief, and criticize government. We will consider, as well, whether equality-based protections provide an adequate alternative to First Amendment protection. We will consider statutory protections and regulation of the democratic process, including the Voting Rights Act and federal regulation of campaign spending. We'll look, as well, at corporate political speech and spending.

Seminar participants will be expected to research and write a paper exploring a topic of choice.

Attendance at the first class is mandatory for all currently enrolled and waitlisted students; any currently enrolled or waitlisted students who are not present on the first day of class (without prior permission of the instructor) will be dropped. The instructor will continue to take attendance throughout the add/drop period and anyone who moves off the waitlist into the class must continue to attend or have prior permission of the instructor in order not to be dropped.

It is strongly recommended that students have completed or be concurrently enrolled in a class about First Amendment doctrine, such as Law 220.9 (First Amendment).

Requirements Satisfaction:

This is an Option 1 class; two Option 1 classes fulfill the J.D. writing requirement.

Exam Notes: (P) Final paper  
Course Category: Public Law and Policy
This course is listed in the following sub-categories:
Social Justice and Public Interest

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