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276.3 sec. 1 - The Law of Web Services and Search Engines (Spring 2014)

Instructor: Daphne Keller  (view instructor's teaching evaluations)
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Units: 2
Meeting Time: Th 3:35-5:25
Meeting Location: 130

Course Start: January 09, 2014
Class Number (formerly Course Control Number) (Non-1Ls): 49859

This class develops students’ legal expertise and practical skills for counseling innovative web services clients, with a particular focus on web search and UGC (user generated content) platforms. Students will consider how the law should influence clients’ business strategy and product development from the initial design stage through to public launch and beyond.

Black letter law portions of the course will include discussion of recent U.S. cases on copyright liability for web companies; review of US law on intermediary liability for non-IP claims; an overview of internet intermediary legal issues outside the US; and consideration of user privacy issues. Pragmatic topics covered will range from product design considerations to client relationships to the logistics of international litigation and regulatory compliance. The course is primarily US focused but will spend time on law of other major markets, primarily the E.U. While instructor will draw on her experience as legal director for Google, this course is applicable to web services clients from startups to non-profits to large companies.

Students should have completed either an intro IP course, an intro Copyright course, or an intro Cyberlaw course.

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Course Category: Intellectual Property and Technology Law

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