Molly Van Houweling

  • Harold C. Hohbach Distinguished Professor of Patent Law and Intellectual Property
    Associate Dean, J.D. Curriculum and Teaching
    Co-Director, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology
  • Tel: 510-643-2670 | Fax: 510-643-2673
  • 447 Law Building (North Addition), Berkeley, CA 94720 MC:7200
  • Faculty Support Contact: Tyler Slay

Molly Shaffer Van Houweling joined the Berkeley Law faculty in fall 2005 from the University of Michigan Law School, where she had been an assistant professor since 2002. Van Houweling’s teaching and research interests include intellectual property, law and technology, property, and food law.

Van Houweling serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of Creative Commons and is a founding Director of Authors Alliance. She is an Associate Reporter on the American Law Institute’s Restatement of the Law of Copyright and an Adviser to the Restatement of the Law of Property. 

Much of Professor Van Houweling’s research focuses on copyright law’s implications for new information technologies (and vice versa). She often explores this and other intellectual property issues using theoretical and doctrinal tools borrowed from the law of tangible property. Her recent scholarly work includes “The New Private Law and Intellectual Property,” forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook of the New Private Law (2020); and “Intellectual Property as Property,” in the Research Handbook on the Economics of Intellectual Property Law (2019).

Professor Van Houweling graduated from the University of Michigan and Harvard Law School. She clerked for Judge Michael Boudin of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit and Justice David H. Souter of the U.S. Supreme Court.


B.A., University of Michigan (1994)
J.D., Harvard Law School (1998)