Creative Works

  • When The Answer Is Music, Music, Music (06/11/2016)

    But one year in, she also quietly enrolled in a degree program at the California Jazz Conservatory and began singing again. She earned her JD, but decided against taking the bar exam. 

  • The [Delicious] Horror of It All (06/11/2016)

    “You’ve got all these books. Why don’t you write something?” So he did— including the 3,000-page The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, for which he won the mystery world’s equivalent of an Oscar, the Edgar Award for the Best Critical/Biographical Work in 2005.

  • Getting Into The Act (06/11/2016)

    Persistence has its rewards: Ku is making his mark on the small screen, including recent roles in “The Affair” and “Younger;” and on the big screen, where he can be seen in the films Sleeping with Other People and Creative Control.