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First Year Courses
1L CCNCourse#TitleUnitsInstructorTeaching TimesRoomExamNotes
49403200F200F sec. 1 - Civil Procedure I
5Oppenheimer, DavidMTuWTh 10:00-11:05105F,Mid
49406200F200F sec. 2 - Civil Procedure I
5Bradt, AndrewMTuW 3:35-5:00110F
49409200F200F sec. 3 - Civil Procedure I
5Tyler, AmandaMTuTh 11:20-12:45105F
49412201201 sec. 1 - Torts
5Sugarman, StephenMTuWTh 11:20-12:25110F
49415201201 sec. 2 - Torts
5Syed, TalhaMTuW 3:35-5:0012F
49418201201 sec. 3 - Torts
5Farber, DanielMTuW 3:35-5:00130F
49421201201 sec. 4 - Torts
5Schwartz, PaulMTuW 3:35-5:00134F,Mid
49433202.1A202.1A sec. A - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Hurley, PatriciaMW 8:40-9:50240P+
49436202.1A202.1A sec. B - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Hurley, PatriciaTuTh 8:40-9:50240P+
49439202.1A202.1A sec. C - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Sikes, LucindaTuTh 8:40-9:50244P+
49442202.1A202.1A sec. D - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Cole, MichelleTuTh 8:40-9:50145P+
49445202.1A202.1A sec. E - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Clarke, ErinMW 2:15-3:25240P+
49448202.1A202.1A sec. F - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Clarke, ErinTuTh 2:15-3:25240P+
49451202.1A202.1A sec. G - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Laubach, SarahM 10:00-11:10 & W 2:15-3:35244/244P+
49454202.1A202.1A sec. H - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Laubach, SarahMTh 2:15-3:25244P+
49457202.1A202.1A sec. I - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Berg, CherylMW 8:40-9:5010P+
49460202.1A202.1A sec. J - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Berg, CherylTuTh 8:40-9:5010P+
49463202.1A202.1A sec. K - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Petrine, DonnaMW 8:40-9:5012P+
49466202.1A202.1A sec. L - Legal Research and Writing (LRW)
2Petrine, DonnaTuTh 8:40-9:5012P+
49424202F202F sec. 1 - Contracts
5Berring, RobertMTuW 11:20-12:45130F
49427202F202F sec. 2 - Contracts
5Gergen, MarkW 11:20-12:45 & TuTh 11:20-12:45132/170TH
49430202F202F sec. 3 - Contracts
5Gamage, DavidMTuW 11:20-12:4512F
49469203203 sec. 1 - Property
4Doremus, HollyMTuTh 2:15-3:25105F
49601230230 sec. 1 - Criminal Law
4Mohamed, SairaWThF 10:00-11:1012F
49604230230 sec. 2 - Criminal Law
4Roth, AndreaWThF 10:00-11:10130TH,Mid
49607230230 sec. 3 - Criminal Law
4Weisselberg, CharlesWThF 10:00-11:10134F
49610230230 sec. 4 - Criminal Law
4Diamond, JohnMTuW 10:00-11:10110F