Course listing for Talha Syed

Talha Syed is teaching the following courses in Spring 2021:

252.2 sec. 001 - Antitrust Law
276.67 sec. 001 - Advanced IP: Theories of Innovation Policy and Culture

Courses During Other Semesters

SemesterCourse NumCourse Titlelock Teaching Evaluations
Summer 2021 252.2S sec. 001Antitrust Law 
Fall 2020 201 sec. 002Torts 
 280A sec. 001Law and Technology Writing Workshop 
Summer 2020 W252.2 sec. 001Antitrust LawView Teaching Evaluation
Spring 2020 201 sec. 001TortsView Teaching Evaluation
 276.67 sec. 001Advanced IP: Theories of Innovation Policy and CultureView Teaching Evaluation
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