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220.6 sec. 002 - Constitutional Law (Spring 2023)

Instructor: Erwin Chemerinsky  (view instructor's teaching evaluations - degree students only | profile)
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Units: 4
Grading Designation: Graded
Mode of Instruction: In-Person


MTuW 08:40 AM - 09:50 AM
Location: Law 105
From January 09, 2023
To April 25, 2023

Course Start: January 09, 2023
Course End: April 25, 2023
Class Number: 31926
This course is open to 1Ls.

Enrollment info:
Enrolled: 196
Waitlisted: 0
Enroll Limit: 196
As of: 08/24 11:03 PM

Constitutional Law focuses on the constitutional provisions creating the American system of government and protecting individual liberties. The course will focus especially on the methods that are used by judges and lawyers for analyzing and interpreting the Constitution.
The course material will be divided into six units. Unit one will examine judicial review and the methods of constitutional interpretation. Unit two will focus on the structure of the Constitution’s protection of individual liberties, examining several principles that apply to the constitutional provisions protecting civil rights and civil liberties. The third unit will focus on the due process clauses of the fifth and fourteenth amendments and the rights protected under them. Unit four will consider the constitutional guarantee of equal protection of the law. Unit five will examine the separation and balance of powers among the three branches of the federal government. Finally, unit six will look at the scope of congressional powers and their relationship to state governments.

Requirements Satisfaction:

This class satisfies the J.D. Constitutional Law Requirement.

Exam Notes: (TH) Take-home examination
Exam Length: 8 hours
Course Category: Public Law and Policy

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    Erwin Chemerinsky
    Edition: 6th
    Publisher: Aspen Publishing
    ISBN: 9781543858198
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  • Constitutional Law
    Erwin Chemerinsky
    Edition: 6th
    Publisher: Aspen Publishing
    ISBN: 9781543813074
    e-Book Available: Yes
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