Judi Cohen


Judi Cohen founded and runs an organization called Warrior One, which offers lawyers and conflict professionals the opportunity to increase their effectiveness, wellbeing, and leadership skills by taking one of Warrior One’s Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® (EML) programs. EML is nationally recognized for its originality and excellence in integrating traditional mindfulness, groundbreaking neuroscience, and the science and psychology of the legal mind. Ms. Cohen also co-created and runs Warrior One’s Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training (MLTT), the only teacher training designed specifically for legal and conflict professionals to learn to teach mindfulness at their firms, in their communities, and in the law school classroom; and leads The Wake Up Call, Warrior One’s weekly, online community of professionals integrating mindfulness solutions into the law.

Prior to founding Warrior One, Ms. Cohen practiced as a real estate attorney for thirty years and taught academic courses at the University of San Francisco School of Law for ten years. She has been studying and practicing yoga since 1988, and mindfulness meditation since 1993, and is a member of the 15-year-old Bay Area Working Group for Law and Meditation, a group of lawyers, judges, mediators, and law professors who study the intersection of mindfulness and law with Zoketsu Norman Fischer of Everyday Zen.