Privacy and Security




Electronic Monitoring of Youth in the California Justice System 2017 Report
No Tape, No Testimony: How Courts Can Ensure the Responsible Use of Body Cameras 2016 Report
Automated License Plate Readers Primer
2016 Educational Materials; Primer
Cell Phone Location Tracking Primer 2016 Educational Materials; Primer
Cell Site Simulator Primer 2016 Educational Materials; Primer
People v. Macabeo 2015 Brief
Memorandum from Electronic Frontier Foundation and the SLTPPC Regarding Technical Issues with Anonymization & Aggregation of Detailed Energy Usage Data as Methods for Protecting Customer Privacy 2013 Memorandum

Memorandum from Electronic Frontier Foundation and the SLTPPC Regarding Legal Considerations for Smart Grid Energy Sharing

2013 Memorandum

Samuelson Clinic submits Amicus Brief in First Unitarian v. NSA on behalf of Experts in the History of Executive Surveillance

2013 Brief

Social Networking Monitoring

2012 Clinical Project, FOIA Request; Brief

Declaration of Jennifer Lynch in Support of Plaintiff’s Cross Motion for Summary Judgement and Opposition to Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgement

2012 Declaration

Plaintiff’s Reply in Support of Cross Motion For Summary Judgement and Opposition to Defendants’ Motion For Summary Judgement

2012 Brief

Notice of Cross Motion For Summary Judgement; Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support of Cross Motion For Summary Judgement

2012 Brief
Samuelson Clinic Submitted Comments to the California Public Utilities Commission on Privacy and the “Smart Grid” on behalf of the Center for Democracy & Technology 2010 Clinical Project, Comments
Clinic co-releases report evaluating the effectiveness of the City of San Francisco’s Surveillance Camera Program 2009 Report
New Report Explores Californians’ Understanding of Privacy Online 2008 Report
Samuelson Clinic Survey Finds Strong Support for Privacy of Location Data 2008 Report
Report Details Californians’ Understanding of Privacy Offline 2008 Report
Clinic Researchers File Comment on Risk Assessment with EAC 2008 Comments
ACCURATE Submits Comments on the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines 2008 Project
Clinic Study Finds Many Companies Are Quietly Selling Personal Information to Third Parties 2007 Report
Clinic Attorney to Present on SSN Use at FTC Workshop 2007 Presentation
New Study Recommends Reforms for Security Breach Notification Laws 2007 Research Paper
Samuelson, Annenberg Report: Consumers Believe Privacy Policies Prohibit Common Advertising Practices 2007 Report
Clinic Comments on Private Sector Use of the Social Security Number 2007 Comments
Samuelson Clinic Filed Amicus Brief in Hepting v. AT&T on behalf of People for the American Way Foundation 2007 Brief
Demand Response Energy Systems: Security, Privacy, and Policy 2007 Presentation
Samuelson Clinic Researcher Presents Case Study on the Adoption of RFID Technology in the US e-Passport 2007 Research Paper
New Report Recommends Audit Procedures to Improve Elections 2007 Report
Clinic’s Electronic Voting Research Helped To Advance Election Integrity 2007 Report
Samuelson Clinic Released Paper on “Legal Issues Facing Election Officials in an Electronic-Voting World” 2007 Research Paper
Samuelson Clinic, Annenberg School of Communication Presented Report to FTC 2006 Report
Samuelson Clinic Director Testified Before Department of Homeland Security on Expectations of Privacy in Public Spaces 2006 Testimony
Samuelson Clinic Students Assisted the Constitution Project in Preparing Guidelines for Video Surveillance 2006 Report
Samuelson Clinic Director, Fellow Participated at Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference 2006 Presentation
User Choices and Regret: Understanding Users’ Decision Process about Consensually Acquired Spyware 2006 Research Paper
Network Security Architecture for Demand Response/Sensor Networks 2006 Report
Samuelson Clinic Researcher Presented Work on RFID Technology at O’Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference 2006 Presentation
Samuelson Clinic Released Paper on Legal, Technical, and Software Interface Design Issues Related to Spyware 2005 Research Paper, Presentation
Clinic Submits Comments to U.S. Department of State on Electronic Passports on behalf of Eight Leading Computer Scientists and Engineers 2005 Comments
Stopping Spyware at the Gate: A User Study of Privacy, Notice and Spyware 2005 Research paper
Storing Our Lives Online: Expanded Email Storage Raises Complex Policy Issues 2005 Research paper
Samuelson Clinic Submitted Comment to U.S. Copyright Office on behalf of Edward Felten and J. Alex Halderman 2005 Comments
Samuelson Clinic Submitted Comments to U.S. Election Assistance Commission 2005 Comments
Reasonable Expectations in Electronic Communications: A Critical Perspective on the Electronic Communications Privacy Act 2004 Research Paper
Radio Frequency Identification and Privacy with Information Goods 2004 Research Paper, Presentation
Preliminary Analysis of E-Voting Problems Highlights Need for Heightened Standards and Testing 2004 Research Paper
Enforcing Privacy Rights Symposium 2002 2003 Research Paper
Ubiquitous Computing: RFID and Information Goods 2003 Research Project
Who Goes There? Authentication Through the Lens of Privacy 2003 Report
Threat Analysis of the geopriv Protocol, co-authored with M. Danley, J. Morris, and J. Peterson, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Internet-Drafts, The Internet Society 2003 Research Paper
IDs – Not That Easy: Questions About Nationwide Identity Systems 2002 Report
Standards Project 2001 Research Paper
Location Information Privacy Project [“Geopriv”] 2001 Comments
geopriv Requirements, co-authored with Jorge Cuellar, John B. Morris, Jr., Jon Peterson, and James Polk, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Internet-Drafts, The Internet Society 2001 Research Paper
Your Place or Mine?: Privacy Concerns and Solutions for Server and Client-side Storage of Personal Information 2000 Research Paper
Privacy in the Digital Age: Work in Progress 1999 Research Paper


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