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Christopher L. Kutz Calexit, Criminal Law, Cyber Warfare, Jurisprudence, Law and Philosophy, Military Law, Moral Reasoning and the Law, War CrimesIn the News
Saira Mohamed Criminal Law, Human Rights, International Human Rights Law, International War Crimes Courts and Tribunals, United Nations, War CrimesIn the News
Andrea Roth Biometric Scanning, Criminal Defense, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, DNA, Evidence, Eyewitness I.D., Facial Mapping Technology, Forensic Science, Jury Selection, Psychology, Verdicts, Probation, SentencingIn the News
Elisabeth A. Semel Capital Punishment, Criminal Defense, Criminal Law, Death Penalty, Lethal Injection, Supreme CourtIn the News
Jonathan Simon Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Insurance Law, Parole, Probation, Search and SeizureIn the News
Avani Mehta Sood Criminal Law, Cultural and Social Psychology, Evidence, PsychologyIn the News
Franklin E. Zimring Abortion, Birth Control, Crime Statistics, Criminal Law, Criminology, Death Penalty, Gun Law and Policy, Police Innovation & Use of Force, Prison Realignment, Violence in MediaIn the News

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