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270.7 sec. 1 - Renewable Energy and Other Cleaner Fuels (Spring 2012)
"Energy Policy to Save the Planet, the Country, and the Economy"

Instructor: Steven Weissman  (view instructor's teaching evaluations | profile)
Instructor: Governor Jennifer Mulhern Granholm  
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Meeting Time: M 8:00-9:50
Meeting Location: 170

Course Start: January 09, 2012
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Our nation is a profligate energy user and yet we have no coherent national energy policy. We have a massive jobs deficit and have been unable or unwilling to turn clean energy into a job creation engine. This course will develop a national energy policy that respects the states, encourages partnership with the private sector, and tears down the regulatory barriers to renewable energy development. We will explore the emerging field of renewable and alternative energy supplies, and review local, state, and federal laws and policies that promote (and impede) such sources. The course will identify policies that empower everyday people to produce their own renewable power through distributed generation, and will survey the range of emerging clean energy technologies.

Because the course is being co-taught, each professor will bring a unique dynamic to the instruction. Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is obsessed with using clean energy as an economic engine to create jobs and achieve energy independence. Steve Weissman, with deep experience as a hands-on energy policy advisor, ALJ, regulator, mediator and environmental attorney, is a national expert in the how and why of clean energy policy on the state and federal level. Each of us is enthused to teach students who are interested in crafting a practical renewable energy strategy for the nation. The roadmap developed in this course will be presented to federal policymakers developing a national clean energy strategy for 2013 and beyond.

Required for admission: Energy Regulation and the Environment, Energy and Society, or the permission of the instructor. 1Ls should contact Professor Weissman ( for permission to enroll.

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