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212.3 sec. 001 - Critical Race Theory (Spring 2023)

Instructor: Ian Haney Lopez  (view instructor's teaching evaluations - degree students only | profile)
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Units: 2
Grading Designation: Graded
Mode of Instruction: In-Person


Th 6:25 PM - 8:15 PM
Location: Law 107
From January 12, 2023
To April 20, 2023

Course Start: January 12, 2023
Course End: April 20, 2023
Class Number: 32360

Enrollment info:
Enrolled: 12
Waitlisted: 0
Enroll Limit: 20
As of: 08/24 11:03 PM

This seminar explores Critical Race Theory, covering core texts as well as exploring new directions. Topics will include the nature and intractability of racism; the inseparable connections between race and other social markers such as gender, sexual orientation, class, and ethnicity; and—in a bow toward the contemporary hysteria around CRT—the political contours and potential trajectory of White racial identity.

Materials include assigned articles that will be made available on the course website, as well as two books: Derrick Bell, Faces at the Bottom of the Well (1992); and Ian Haney López, Merge Left (2019). The seminar emphasizes student participation and writing, with students expected to develop a final 12-15 page paper over the course of the semester. Some familiarity with race relations law is strongly recommended. Class participation may serve as a grade tie-breaker.

Attendance at the first class is mandatory for all currently enrolled and waitlisted students; any currently enrolled or waitlisted students who are not present on the first day of class (without prior permission of the instructor) will be dropped. The instructor will continue to take attendance throughout the add/drop period and anyone who moves off the waitlist into the class must continue to attend or have prior permission of the instructor in order not to be dropped.

Exam Notes: (P) Final paper  
Course Category: Social Justice and Public Interest
This course is listed in the following sub-categories:
Race and Law

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Required Books are in blue

  • Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism
    Derrick Bell
    Publisher: Basic Books
    ISBN: 9781541645530
    e-Book Available: Yes
    e-Book procurement note:
    Price: $17.00
    Price Source: user provided
  • Merge Left: Fusing Race and Class, Winning Elections, and Saving America
    Ian Haney López
    Publisher: The New Press
    ISBN: 9781620975657
    e-Book Available: Yes
    e-Book procurement note:
    Copyright Date: To Be Determined
    Price: 26.99
    Price Source: user provided

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