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264.5 sec. 001 - Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law (Fall 2020)

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Grading Designation: Graded

Due to COVID-19, this class is remote for Fall 2020.
Mode of Instruction: Remote Instruction


MW 11:20 AM - 12:35 PM
Location: Internet/Online
From August 17, 2020
To November 24, 2020

Course Start: August 17, 2020
Course End: November 24, 2020
Class Number: 32616

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Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law uses a problem-based approach to examine a global view of anti-discrimination law, comparing US, European, and other national, regional and international legal systems, including those of India, Brazil and South Africa. The course covers 8 topic modules:
1. Theories and sources of equality and anti-discrimination law;
2. Employment discrimination (race, sex, age, disability, LBGTQ+);
3. Sexual harassment/Violence;
4. Affirmative action (race, caste, origin)/gender parity;
5. Marriage equality (race, same-sex);
6. Hate Speech;
7. Disability rights; and
8. Secularism and the rights of religious minorities.

The class will meet for 75 minutes, twice a week for 14 weeks, on Zoom. Office hours will be by appointment, on Zoom.

Most of the reading will be from a casebook, Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law (3d ed. 2020). You can purchase it from the publisher (Edward Elgar, in the UK) for a discounted price of $68 (or at full price ($85) from Amazon). See the syllabus or email professor Oppenheimer for a link.

Some of the reading will be from The Global #MeToo Movement (2020). You can purchase a copy from the publisher or Amazon for $16, or download a copy for free. See the syllabus for a link.

Some of the course material will be delivered through an edX web-based course. The course materials mix brief lectures with simulated dialog, video and audio recordings of group discussions, debates, and interviews with 36 scholars and activists from six continents. This material is provided through Stanford University’s edX portal at an access fee per student of $75. To enroll in the Stanford materials, see the syllabus for a link.

Students will be required to write a 15-20 page paper, which will satisfy the “Option-1” portion of the writing requirement for the JD degree. The paper must compare how two national/legal systems approach a particular problem of inequality. Students will be required to meet individually with Professor Oppenheimer a minimum of four times, (1) to discuss their topic selection by September 9, (2) to discuss their research progress and preliminary outline by October 7, (3) to discuss their in-class presentation of their research by October 28, and (4) to discuss my written comments at least one draft by November 13.

Papers will be due on the last day of exams (December 17).

During the first ten weeks of the semester we will focus on the readings and edX materials, with occasional discussion of students’ research on their paper topics. During the final four weeks of the semester we will focus on your papers, with presentations of student research, at times in breakout rooms. Draft papers must be shared with the other students in the class.

Students are expected to attend all classes, with video on. Absences may be excused upon request. Students who must miss a class session will be required to review the recording of the class. Exceptions to video on requirement may be granted upon request, with recognition that having one’s video on increases engagement.

The grade will be based 90% on the research paper and 10% based on class participation.

Requirements Satisfaction:

This is an Option 1 class; two Option 1 classes fulfill the J.D. writing requirement.

Exam Notes: (P) Final paper  
Course Category: International and Comparative Law
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Social Justice and Public Interest

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Required Books are in blue

  • Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law
    Oppenheimer, Foster, Han and Ford
    Edition: 3d
    Publisher: Edward Elgar (UK)
    ISBN: 9781788979221
    e-Book Available: Yes
    e-Book procurement note:
    Copyright Date: To Be Determined
    Price: $85.00
    Price Source: user provided
  • The Global #MeToo Movement
    Noel & Oppenheimer
    Edition: 2020
    Publisher: Fastcase: Full Court Press
    ISBN: 9781949884395
    e-Book Available: Yes
    e-Book procurement note:
    Copyright Date: To Be Determined
    Price: 16.00
    Price Source: user provided

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