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226.4 sec. 001 - Regulated Digital Industries: Telecommunications Law & Policy for a Modern Era (Spring 2020)

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    TuWTh 11:20 AM - 12:30 PM
    Location: Law 134
    From January 14, 2020
    To April 24, 2020

Course Start: January 14, 2020
Course End: April 24, 2020
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The telecommunications industry (including internet-related services) is one of the largest and most influential sectors of the economy. It is also the site of one our most complex legal regimes, blending features of administrative law, antitrust law, and constitutional law, among others. How should we regulate the interconnections between the networks that make telephone and internet communication possible? How should we allocate scarce spectrum resources? Should we require internet service providers to comply with net neutrality rules? What, if anything, should government do to ensure media representation of diverse voices? How do copyright concerns interact with broadcast regulation? The answers to these questions directly impact the structure of the telecommunications industry. More fundamentally, these questions implicate matters of distribution, efficiency, fairness, monopoly power, and the structure of government. This course examines these issues through a study of some of the foundational questions and modern conflicts in domestic (U.S.) telecommunications law and internet policy.

Exam Notes: (TH) Take-home examination
Course Category: Intellectual Property and Technology Law
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Public Law and Policy

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  • Digital Crossroads: Telecommunications Law and Policy in the Internet Age
    Nuechterlein & Weiser
    Edition: 2d ed. (2013)
    Publisher: MIT Press
    ISBN: 9780262519601
    e-Book Available: unknown
    Copyright Date: To Be Determined
    Price: $39.00
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