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251.51 sec. 001 - Corporations in Crisis (Spring 2019)

Instructor: Amelia Miazad  (view instructor's teaching evaluations - degree students only)
Instructor: Dana Wagner  
Instructor: Aaron Zamost  
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    W 6:25 PM - 8:15 PM
    Location: Boalt 141
    From January 09, 2019
    To February 27, 2019

Course Start: January 09, 2019
Course End: February 27, 2019
Class Number (1Ls): 32357
Class Number: (Non-1Ls): 32357

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Enroll Limit: 30
As of: 06/11 02:48 PM

There seems to be one headline-grabbing corporate crisis after the next in sectors from technology (Facebook), manufacturing (Volkswagon), and Finance (Wells Fargo). When a crisis hits, companies must develop a strategy that takes into account both legal and reputational risk. All too often, companies, even the largest and most iconic, don't have a crisis plan in place.

This class will examine the role of different corporate actors (including the Board, CEO, General Counsel, and Chief Communications Officer) in navigating crisis. Through active simulations and case studies, students will learn how to ask the right questions. This course will be taught by:

- Our business law faculty (Amelia Miazad)
- A corporate crisis communications expert (Aaron Zamost, Head of Communications & Policy at Square)
- A general counsel (Dana Wagner, currently General Counsel of Impossible Foods, formerly General Counsel of Square)

Attendance at the first class is mandatory for all enrolled students; any enrolled students who are not present at the first day of class without prior permission of the instructor will be dropped from the class.

Exam Notes: (P+) Course requires a series of papers.
This is a credit only course
Course Category: Business Law

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