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270.65 sec. 1 - Energy Project Development & Finance (Fall 2014)

Instructor: Scott Zimmermann  (view instructor's teaching evaluations | profile)
Instructor: Todd Glass  (view instructor's teaching evaluations)
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Meeting Time: W 6:25-9:05
Meeting Location: 130

Course Start: August 27, 2014
Class Number (formerly Course Control Number) (Non-1Ls): 49781

The course will follow the progression of the development of an energy project, from early stage site and offtake development issues through construction and project financing through operation and disposition and abandonment. The class will highlight the differences between developing renewable and conventional energy projects, including baseload vs. intermittent resources, energy vs. capacity, fuel risk vs. renewable source risks, etc. In addition to a primary focus on utility-scale solar and natural gas combined cycle plants, the course will address issues unique to the development and financing of other modern types of energy infrastructure, including energy efficiency, energy storage, biofuels, fuel cells, wind and distributed solar projects and portfolios. For each stage of the development process covered, we will begin with the federal and state legal and jurisdictional issues, then identify the primary risks and contractual arrangements, and finally do problem identification and resolution. The course addresses the theoretical foundations for risk allocation and project finance structures typically used in the energy and infrastructure industries, while also covering practical negotiation and contract drafting strategies for addressing business and legal issues that arise on energy projects.

Students will complete the course with a fundamental understanding of how energy projects are developed and financed, and how the key regulatory and commercial forces affect the development of such projects, with a particular emphasis on the factors important to non-conventional energy projects. While the course focuses specifically development and finance of energy projects, students will acquire skills broadly useful to transactional legal practices in other industries that incorporate aspects of commercial transactions, technology transactions, regulatory proceedings and financing transactions.

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None required. Prior or concurrent enrollment in LAW 270.6 (Energy Regulation and the Environment) is recommended, although these courses are designed to be complementary. We also recommend having taken a survey course on renewable energy technologies like LAW 270.7 (Renewable Energy and Other Cleaner Fuels) or ER 200 (Energy & Society).

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  • Principles of Project Finance, 2nd Edition
    E Yescombe
    Edition: 2nd Edition, 25 Nov 2013
    Publisher: Elsevier
    ISBN: 9780123910585
    Copyright Date: To Be Determined
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