Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg


Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg is an Associate Professor at the Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law (tenured 2016). She specializes in criminal law and procedure, and her areas of expertise include non-adversarial criminal justice, therapeutic jurisprudence, the philosophy of criminal law and the interface between criminal and constitutional law. Before joining Bar-Ilan Dancig-Rosenberg was the academic director of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Legal Clinic for Violence Against Women. During the 2016-2017 academic year she is an Israel Institute and the Center for the Study of Law and Society Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley. She has published articles in leading American and Israeli law journals and received numerous grants and awards for academic excellence and community involvement. She is currently a co-Principal Investigator (PI) of a study on the community courts in Israel and also works on an empirical project about the use of social media by sexual assault victims in Israel.


Ph.D., Bar-Ilan University Law Faculty (2011)
LL.M., Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2006)
LL.B., Bar-Ilan University Law Faculty (2003)