Sarah Song



I am a political theorist with a special interest in normative analysis of law and legal institutions. My research interests are in contemporary political and legal theory with a focus on issues of democracy, citizenship, nationalism, migration, and global justice.

My first book, Justice, Gender, and the Politics of Multiculturalism (Cambridge University Press, 2007), explores the relation between justice and minority group rights with a focus on the tensions between such rights and the pursuit of gender equality. The book combines philosophical analysis of theories of justice and equality, examination of the idea of culture, and several case studies of law’s approach to religious and cultural minority groups, including “cultural defenses” in criminal law, polygamy, and religious exemptions.

I am currently working on several papers connected to my new book project on issues of citizenship, migration, and territorial boundaries. What is the normative basis of a state’s territorial rights? What would a just migration policy look like? What difference does citizenship status make for the rights one is entitled to? What difference should it make?

Recent courses I have taught include “Theories of Justice,” “Citizenship and Pluralism,” and “Foundations of Political Philosophy.”

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