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Stephen A. Rosenbaum

Title: John and Elizabeth Boalt Lecturer
Email Address:

[In 2013-14, Rosenbaum will be on leave as a Visiting Senior Lecturer, University of Washington School of Law. He can still be reached at the above email address or at]

Stephen Rosenbaum has been a Lecturer at Berkeley Law since 1988, teaching primarily skills courses and advising students in the Advocates for Youth Justice educational surrogacy project and Napa Advocacy Project. His courses include: Social Justice Skills & Practice Issues; Mental Health Law, Advocacy & Policy; Civil Rights Litigation; Student Rights on Campus; Involuntary Civil Commitment; and Spanish Language and Cultural Competency. He has taught Disability Rights Law at Stanford Law School and courses in youth law, administrative law, public interest lawyering skills and law and social change at Golden Gate University and University of San Francisco schools of law. Rosenbaum is Of Counsel to the Law Offices of Michael S. Sorgen in San Francisco. Previously, he was a staff attorney with Disability Rights California, specializing in the rights of students with disabilities. Before that, he was a senior litigation attorney with the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund and a litigator with the Law Offices of California Rural Legal Assistance.

Rosenbaum’s scholarship is in the areas of education, disability, lay advocacy, immigration, international human rights and clinical education. He has litigated a number of impact cases in federal and state court on behalf of immigrants and persons with disabilities and has represented many individuals in mediation and administrative hearings. Rosenbaum has conducted numerous training workshops for parents (English and Spanish), school professionals, lawyers and administrative law judges in the area of special education. He is a regular speaker on this subject, and disability generally, at academic and professional conferences, in media appearances and before legislative committees.

As a recipient of State Department U.S. Speaker & Specialist grants, Rosenbaum has given periodic lectures to jurists, journalists and non-governmental activists in francophone Africa on such themes as alternative dispute resolution, judicial independence and the American approach to human rights. In 2007, he was asked to help establish a law school clinic and bar association pro bono program in Togo. In 2008, Rosenbaum was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) School of Critical Studies in Education. In 2011-12, he served as Advisor to the ABA Rule of Law Initiative in Cairo, Egypt, supporting professional skills and clinical legal education reform activities. Since 2012, Rosenbaum has been teaching at the University of Washington, where he supervises law students in a business and human rights clinic and co-teaches a clinical tutorial for LLM candidates who are junior law faculty from Central and Southeast Asia.

Rosenbaum was awarded a Wasserstein Public Interest Fellowship at Harvard Law School in 2002, and received advocacy awards from Bay Area developmental disability organizations in 2005-06. In 2013, he was a recipient of the Eleanor Swift Award for Public Service.


B.A., University of Michigan (1975)
M.P.P., UC Berkeley (1979)
J.D., UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall) (1980)

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