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251.5 sec. 1 - Corporate Finance and Law (Spring 2012)

Instructor: Robert Bartlett  (view instructor's profile)
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Units: 4
Meeting Time: MTu 3:35-5:25
Meeting Location: 140

Course Start: January 09, 2012
Course Control Number (Non-1Ls): 49748

This course explores the legal aspects of a fundamental question for business organizations: how does a firm raise money to finance its operations? In examining this question, the course takes both a theoretical and a practical perspective. As a matter of financial theory, how can a firm use its financial resources as well as various sources of outside financing to enhance its value to investors? Even a cursory look at the Wall Street Journal reveals that firms differ widely in how they choose to finance their operations and utilize their financial resources. Do these differing financial judgments have any systematic effect on the value of a firm? To answer this question, the class will survey modern financial economics and explore the techniques commonly used for understanding, assessing, and computing a firm's value. In addition, the course also examines the practical aspects of executing a particular financing decision. Once a financing strategy has been selected, it is generally left to the deal lawyers to implement it through financial contracts. This component of the course can therefore be thought of as a study in financial contracting strategies, with each strategy being shaped in large part by the type of financing technique used. Topics to be covered include financing through common stock, debt, convertible/hybrid securities, and venture capital finance.

Students should have already taken Business Associations or must be taking it concurrently.

Exam Notes: P+
This is a credit only course
Course Category: Business Law
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Law and Economics

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  • Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice, 2d
    William J. Carney,
    Publisher: Foundation Press
    ISBN: 9781599416083
    Copyright Date: To Be Determined
    Price: $23.00
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