Latest Research by BCLT Faculty and Fellows

Kenneth A. Bamberger and Deirdre K. Mulligan
PIA Requirements and Privacy Decision-Making in US Government Agencies D. Wright, P. DeHert (eds.), Privacy Impact Assessment (2012).

Chris Hoofnagle & Jennifer Urban
Privacy and Advertising Mail  (2012), Su Li co-author.

Peter S. Menell
This American Copyright Life: Reflections on Re-Equilibrating Copyright for the Internet Age
. UC Berkeley Public Law Research Paper No. 2347674

Paul Schwartz
EU Privacy and the Cloud: Consent and Jurisdiction Under the Proposed RegulationPrivacy & Security Law Report, 12 PVLR 718, (2013). Copyright 2013 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033).

Suzanne Scotchmer
Picking Winners in Rounds of Elimination. (2012).
Molly Van Houweling
Author Autonomy and Atomism in Copyright Law, Virginia Law Review (2010).