Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory – Spring 2011


Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory (Law 207.1)


LAW AND ORDER (Law 207.1) Schedule of Speakers

Spring Semester 2011

All classes meet in the JSP Seminar Room 2240 Piedmont Avenue (see map), at 3:35 pm – 6:15 pm.  To request a copy of papers contact:


January 31, 2011  Anna Stilz (Princeton)  “Nations, States, and Territory” (work in progress)
February 7, 2011  Debra Satz (Stanford)  “Why Some Things Should Not Be For Sale” pp 1-11, 91-134 (2010)
February 28, 2011  Gerald Gaus (Arizona)  “Justification, Choice, and Promise:  Three Devices of the Consent Tradition in a Diverse Society”
 March 7, 2011  Stephen Holmes (NYU)  “Parables of Restraint” 
 March 28, 2011  Philip Pettit (Princeton)  TBD
 April 11, 2011  David Dyzenhaus (Toronto)  The Morality of Legality”
 April 25, 2011  Arthur Ripstein (Toronto)  TBD
Prof. Eric Rakowski
437 North Addition


Prof. Kinch Hoekstra
594 Simon Hall


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