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263.6 sec. 1 - American Jobs Project (Fall 2014)

Instructor: Governor Jennifer Mulhern Granholm  (view instructor's profile)
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Meeting Time: M 6:15-8:55
Meeting Location: 105 Goldman School of Public Policy

Course Start: September 08, 2014
Course End: December 01, 2014

This seminar will be project-based.It is designed to help to launch The
American Jobs Project at UC Berkeley, and will focus upon developing
clean energy job creation strategies in 10 states that are critical to
shaping policy and politics for the 2016 elections.The American Jobs
Project (AJP) will focus on a bottom-up strategy of stoking jobs
policy in the states, designing the road-map for each state to create
innovative energy job clusters in the advanced energy and manufacturing
job sectors, based on state-specific research and customized innovative
policy recommendations. The class will coincide with the rollout of EPA
rules regarding CO2 emissions, wherein states must formulate
state-specific plans for cutting carbon pollution.The final state-based
reports will be delivered to candidates and office-holders of both
political parties in each of the states.

The seminar will enlist as guest presenters experts in clean energy
sectors, regulatory reforms and economic development.

The Project is a partnership between the Berkeley Energy and Climate
Initiative (BECI), the Center for Innovation Technology Research in the
Interest of Society (CITRIS), and the schools of Law, Engineering and
Public Policy, among others. Graduate students in disciplines such as
Business, Public Policy, Engineering, Planning and Law with a passion
for clean energy are encouraged to apply.

Enrollment will be capped at 20 total students (7 from Law) and students wishing to be selected for
participation must write at least one paragraph about their interest or expertise in the subject matter of
the Project, and if they have ties/special interest in Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia or Illinois..

Those expressions of interest should be sent to by July 24, 2014.

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Course Category: Public Law and Policy

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