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256.13 sec. 1 - Advanced New Business Counseling Practicum (Spring 2014)

Instructor: William A. Kell  (view instructor's teaching evaluations | profile)
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Units: 2

This course is an advanced version of the New Business Practicum for returning students. It allows students to gain additional curriculum and experience in transactional lawyering under attorney supervision. The course will also likely provide opportunities to mentor students taking the basic course, through case conferences and serving on student teams. Students may also be called upon to assist the instructor with curriculum, e.g., developing clinic legal resource materials for students, or coordinating field trips or simulations. Students may also have special assisting roles with clients, e.g., running workshops on legal issues. Final deliverable will be one 6-8 page written memo for each client (usually two clients will be assigned for each student), which may include the drafting of legal documents (e.g., articles of incorporation, contracts).

Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed the New Business Practicum course, which is a combination of two courses: (1) Law 256.12 - Clinical Component, taken by law students for 4 credits for law students, or taken by MBA students for 1-4 credits; and (2) Law 256.15 - Seminar, taken for 2 credits for all students). Enrollment in the Advanced Practicum also requires approval by the Instructor, who will provide the course control number to students.

Exam Notes: P+
This is a credit only course
Course Category: Business Law
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