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245 sec. 5 - Negotiations (Spring 2014)

Instructor: Rebecca Westerfield  (view instructor's teaching evaluations)
Instructor: Jamie Jacobs-May  (view instructor's teaching evaluations)
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Units: 3
Meeting Time: Th 10:00-12:40
Meeting Location: 111

Course Start: January 09, 2014
Class Number (formerly Course Control Number) (Non-1Ls): 49685

This is a highly interactive, skills-based course that is designed to teach students how to become effective negotiators, and how to effectively represent clients in both business transactions and dispute resolution settings. The class will be dynamic and consist of lecture, in-class demonstrations, simulated negotiations and other game theory exercises.

The course objectives include: familiarizing the student with various negotiation approaches and styles; enhancing communication skills with an emphasis on persuasion and relationship-building; understanding the stages of a negotiation and developing effective strategies for each stage; illuminating the psychological forces that affect decision-making; identifying cross-cultural and gender issues; understanding ethical responsibilities and requirements; and learning techniques to successfully conclude a negotiation with durable and enforceable agreements.

Class exercises will cover creating and claiming value, multi-party dynamics, client counseling, difficult tactics, and listening skills. The intensive nature of this class provides students with an opportunity to evaluate their own skills, experiment with new skills and techniques, work closely with one another, and receive individualized feedback from the professors.

Professors Jacobs-May and Westerfield will be team-teaching this class. Both are retired judges who serve as neutrals for JAMS, an international Alternative Dispute Resolution provider. Real life examples and experiences are woven into this course.

Due to the use of simulation exercises throughout the semester and the need to determine members of the class as soon as possible, the usual provisions of "Add/Drop" do not apply. All interested students, whether enrolled or on the wait list, should attend the first session at which time enrollment will be confirmed. Enrollment is limited to 20 students. If you have questions, please contact Jamie Jacobs-May at

As a skills-based course that relies on all students to participate in negotiations throughout the semester, attendance is mandatory. Excused absences are limited to medical or family emergencies.

Your grade will be determined as follows:
65%- Class participation (including attendance, preparation, participation in class discussions, exercises and simulations).
15%- Mid-term paper (5 pages) consisting of self-reflections and insights regarding negotiation skills.
20%- Final paper (10 pages) is an academic paper on any aspect of negotiation selected by the student, delving into the subject matter on a deeper level.


Jamie Jacobs-May and Rebecca Westerfield served as trial judges before becoming neturals at JAMS, the largest private ADR provider in the world. Collectively, they have handled thousands of mediations of all types including business/commercial, trade secret misappropriation, personal injury, real estate, construction defect, employment, family, and trusts. Their detailed biographies can be found at

This course satisfies the Experiential Requirement.

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Business Law
Litigation and Procedure
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

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