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244 sec. 1 - Conflict of Laws (Spring 2014)

Instructor: Andrew Bradt  (view instructor's teaching evaluations | profile)
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Units: 3
Meeting Time: MTu 11:20-12:35
Meeting Location: 12

Course Start: January 06, 2014
Class Number (formerly Course Control Number) (Non-1Ls): 49658

The course in Conflict of Laws examines the problems that arise when litigation involves multiple legal authorities. As the country and world grow smaller, such problems arise with increasing frequency, making practical grounding in conflicts essential for future litigators. More generally, though, the course in conflicts is about how the legal system allocates (and ought to allocate) power among competing governmental authorities. To address this question, the course will focus on several topics: traditional and modern approaches to choosing among states’ laws in multistate legal disputes and the constitutional limitations on those choices in our federal system, courts’ jurisdiction over parties and property, recognition of judgments, and conflicts between federal and state law (including issues involving the “Erie doctrine” and federal common law).

Exam Notes: F
Course Category: Litigation and Procedure

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  • Conflict of Laws: Cases--Comments--Questions
    Herma Hill Kay, Larry Kramer, Kermit Roosevelt
    Edition: 9th ed., 2013
    Publisher: West
    ISBN: 9780314281449
    Copyright Date: To Be Determined
    Price: To Be Determined

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