Transcript Spring 2020

  • Finding the Oppressor in the Machine (04/29/2020)

    Professor Sonia Katyal aims to ensure that our growing reliance on artificial intelligence does not inflict harm on vulnerable communities.

  • Digging Deep on Digital Privacy (04/29/2020)

    PrivLAB, a fast-growing student organization led by Erin Hilliard ’21 and Hailey Yook ’21, helps students tackle timely privacy law issues.

  • Keeping Up with Asia’s IP Growth (04/29/2020)

    A surging Berkeley Law initiative combines East Asian studies, law, technology, and intellectual property to provide greater understanding.

  • Impeachment Insider (04/29/2020)

    Douglas Letter ’78 embraces his chaotic, sleep-deprived ride as the House of Representatives’ general counsel.

  • International Acclaim (04/29/2020)

    A fast-selling book and a major award highlight the early impact of the Human Rights Center’s Investigations Lab.

  • Death Row Visits Change a Life (04/29/2020)

    Safa Ansari-Bayegan ’20 parlays a formative experience into an award-filled career path toward indigent criminal defense.

  • Pushing Toward Forensic Fairness (04/29/2020)

    Research by professors Rebecca Wexler and Andrea Roth sparks a federal bill to help level the forensic evidence playing field.