About This Journal

The Berkeley Journal of Employment & Labor Law ("BJELL") is a student-edited law journal focusing on current developments in labor and employment law. It was founded in 1975 as the Industrial Relations Law Journal. Today, BJELL semiannually publishes works reviewing issues connected to employment discrimination, labor law, public sector employment, employee benefits, and other related issues. BJELL welcomes all relevant submissions, including scholarly articles, student-authored comments, book reviews, and essays.

The Journal’s mission is to provide a forum for academics and practitioners to discuss emerging developments in employment and labor law. In addition, the Journal is committed to helping students interested in employment and labor law to connect with people in the field. To this end, the Journal hosts a lunchtime speaker series, symposia, and the Annual Feller Memorial Lecture. BJELL is always interested in connecting with academics and practitioners in employment and labor law.

To contact the Journal, email bjell@berkeley.edu

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