Center for the Study of Law & Society

 The CSLS 50th Anniversary Conference was a great success. Enjoy the photos from the event or visit the conference web page here.


  • April 18 – CSLS Speaker Series – Rachel Barkow, NYU – “Rationalizing Criminal Law”
  • April 20 – Special Book Event – Karen Tani’s, States of Dependency Welfare, Rights, and American Governance,  1935–1972,
    Comments by KT Albiston and Harry N. Scheiber. Please visit the Special Events page for more information.
  • April 25 – CSLS Speaker Series – Irene Bloemraad, U.C. Berkeley – “’Money and More Rights’: Social Location and Young People’s Views on Citizenship and Being American.” 

    Two earlier papers are provided as background material. “Becoming American” is available electronically.  The draft paper, “Economic Aspects of Americanness” (with Natasha Warikoo) is available in hard copy only at 2240 Piedmont.

  • April 25 –Special Speaker Event – Maurice Stierl, U.C. Davis – Europe in Crisis: A Foucauldian Take on Border Violence and Mediterranean Acts of Escape. Please visit the Special Events page for more information.

The Center
The Center supports theoretically-based, empirical research on new developments at the interplay of law and society in contemporary and historical contexts. While part of Berkeley’s School of Law, the Center fosters a multi- disciplinary context in which UC Berkeley faculty and graduate students from many departments interact and engage with visiting socio-legal scholars from universities in the United States and abroad. – Jonathan Simon, Director