Center for the Study of Law & Society

 The CSLS 50th Anniversary Conference was a great success. Enjoy the photos from the event or visit the conference web page here.


  • February 19 – CSLS Miniseries in Empirical Research Methods – Steven Raphael, Professor of Public Policy, U.C. Berkeley – “Criminal Justice Data Analysis” (abstract). Please visit the Special Events Page for more information.
  • February 22 –  CSLS Speaker Series – Elizabeth Joh, U.C. Davis – “The New Surveillance Discretion: Automated Suspicion, Big Data, and Policing” (paper)
  • February 29 – CSLS Speaker Series – Susan Schweik, U.C. Berkeley  – “’How a Ward of Women in a ‘Feeble-minded Home’ Taught Us to Teach to the Test, and Why We Don’t Know It”
  • March 2 – Special Speaker Event – Martin Krygier, University of New South Wales – “The Rule of Law: Pasts, Presents, and a Possible Future.” – Cosponsored with: Kadish Center for Morality, Law & Public Affairs.
  • March 3 – Book Celebration – On the publication of Harry & Jane Scheiber’s Bayonets in Paradise: Martial Law in Hawai’i during World War II.
  • March 7 –  CSLS Speaker Series – Dylan Penningroth, U.C. Berkeley – “The Negro’s Lawyer: A History”
  • March 10 – 2nd Annual Robert A. Kagan Lecture in Law and RegulationR. Shep Melnick, Boston College – “Adversarial Legalism Meets Partisan Polarization” – Comments by Karen Tani and Sean Farhang. Please visit the Special Events page for more information.
  • March 14 –CSLS Speaker Series – Robin Stryker – University of Arizona – “From Judicial Doctrine to Social Transformation? Comparing US Voting Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity and Fair Housing Legislation”
  • March 28 – CSLS Speaker Series – Bill McCarthy & Andrea Cann Chandrasekher, U.C. Davis – “Race, Foreclosures and Crime in The
    Great American City”
  • March 29 – Special Speaker Event – Tarun Khaitan, University of Oxford – “Wrong, Wrongfulness and Blame in Indirect Discrimination” – Cosponsored with: the Kadish Center for Morality, Law and Public Affairs. Please visit the Special Events page for more information.
  • March 30 – Special Symposium – Sagit Mor, University of Haifa, Israel; University of Washington – “Towards a Disability Critique of Torts” – Comments by Steven Sugarman and Susan SchweikCosponsored with: Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies, Disability Studies Cluster, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society. Please visit the Special Events page for more information.
  • April 4 – CSLS Speaker Series – Alison Renteln, University of Southern California – “A Global Approach to Soundscapes: Reconsidering Environmental Human Rights”
  • April 11 – CSLS Speaker Series – Scott Cummings, UCLA – “Movements in Progressive Legal Thought”
  • April 18 – CSLS Speaker Series – Rachel Barkow, NYU – “Rationalizing Criminal Law”
  • April 25 – CSLS Speaker Series – Irene Bloemraad, U.C. Berkeley – “’Money and More Rights’: Social Location and Young People’s Views on Citizenship and Being American” 

The Center
The Center supports theoretically-based, empirical research on new developments at the interplay of law and society in contemporary and historical contexts. While part of Berkeley’s School of Law, the Center fosters a multi- disciplinary context in which UC Berkeley faculty and graduate students from many departments interact and engage with visiting socio-legal scholars from universities in the United States and abroad. – Jonathan Simon, Director