Center for the Study of Law & Society

 The CSLS 50th Anniversary Conference was a great success. Enjoy the photos from the event or visit the conference web page here.


  • August 28CSLS Speaker Series – Mona Lynch, University of California, Irvine Hard Bargains: The Coercive Power of Drug Laws in Federal Court
  • September 11 – CSLS Speaker Series – Catharine MacKinnon, University of Michigan – Butterfly Politics
  • September 18 – CSLS Speaker Series – Mark Brilliant, University of California, Berkeley – “To Liberate From the Accident of Family Wealth’: How Liberals Revived and Revised the Case for School Vouchers in the 1960s and 1970s and Paved the Way to Zelman

The Center
The Center supports theoretically-based, empirical research on new developments at the interplay of law and society in contemporary and historical contexts. While part of Berkeley’s School of Law, the Center fosters a multi- disciplinary context in which UC Berkeley faculty and graduate students from many departments interact and engage with visiting socio-legal scholars from universities in the United States and abroad. – Jonathan Simon, Director