Center for the Study of Law & Society

 The CSLS 50th Anniversary Conference was a great success. Enjoy the photos from the event or visit the conference web page here.



  • November 28th CSLS Speaker Series – Christopher Kutz, UC Berkeley School of Law “Liberalism versus Republicanism: Democratic Differences in Valuing Life”
  • November 30th Book Event – Jordan T. Camp, Brown UniversityIncarcerating the Crisis: Freedom Struggles and the Rise of the Neoliberal State
  • December 1st CSLS End-of-Semester Celebration & Visting Scholars Speaker Series – Anjuli Verma, UC Berkeley “Policing the Silent War: Notes from the Field”– Yannick Ganne , University of Strasbourg (France) “Is There a Relationship Between Scholars’ Educational Background and their Propensity to Do Empirical Research? A Quantitative Study”– Carrie Shang, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (China) “Welcoming Lex Mercatoria through Resistance: Do Trade Customs Govern Contemporary Chinese Commercial Relationships?”
  • December 2nd Book Event – Jordan T. Camp, Brown University Christina Heatherton, Trinity CollegePolicing the Planet: Why the Policing Crisis Led to Black Lives Matter

The Center
The Center supports theoretically-based, empirical research on new developments at the interplay of law and society in contemporary and historical contexts. While part of Berkeley’s School of Law, the Center fosters a multi- disciplinary context in which UC Berkeley faculty and graduate students from many departments interact and engage with visiting socio-legal scholars from universities in the United States and abroad. – Jonathan Simon, Director