Appointment Extension

Current visitors whom wish to extend their appointments must notify the Director at least 4 months before their official appointment end date.  All visitors must get approval from their faculty sponsor before proceeding with the extension process.  Extensions are subject to additional fees.  For more information, please contact the Director.

Course Auditing

J-1 Exchange Visitors can audit (for no credit) 1 course at the law school per semester per instructor approval (non-law school courses are not available to audit).  This policy is consistent with U.S. Department of State guidance for J-1 Exchange Visitors.  Interested visitors must e-mail the course instructor(s) asking for permission.  Permission may or may not be granted depending on enrollment size and room capacity.  Once obtaining approval from the instructor(s), visitors can begin auditing the course.  Auditors are eligible to join bCourses, if applicable.  Please do not go to the Registrar’s Office.

Early Departure

Current visitors whom wish to end their appointment early must notify the Director.  Visitors on a J-1 visa must notify the Director and the Berkeley International Office if they plan to leave the U.S. more than 15 days before the end date on his/her DS-2019 document.  Additionally, J-1 visitors must inform the Berkeley International Office ( if accompanying J-2 dependents’ final departure from the U.S. is prior to the J-1 holder’s departure date.

English Language

The Berkeley International Office has an expansive list of English language resources.


Please note that family and friends of visitors are not entitled to the same privileges that are given to visiting scholars and visiting student researchers.  Significant others and parents are encouraged to participate in the Berkeley Spouses, Partners & Parents Association (BSPPA).  In addition, J-2 dependents may receive a work permit and are eligible for part-time or full-time study.  To learn about child care and school opportunities, please click here.  There are also opportunities for families to engage in activities sponsored by the University Section Club and YCWA.


We are unable to provide housing nor do we provide assistance in obtaining housing for visitors.  On-campus housing is very limited for visitors and most find housing off-campus.  We recommend reviewing the housing guidance offered by VSPA and BIO.  KLS Associates property management group offers apartment and condo properties in the Berkeley area.  For more information, contact Kathy Snowden Parman at (510) 459-3330.  Oxford Property Management offers fully furnished short and long-term apartment rentals in Berkeley.  Popular cities to live in include Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Albany, El Cerrito, Richmond, Oakland, and San Francisco.

Parking & Transportation

For information on how to get around Berkeley and the greater Bay Area, click here and here.

Recreation, Health, & Safety

Visitors qualify for a discounted membership to the Recreational Sports Facility, among other benefitsUniversity Health Services provides limited health care services.  For your safety, please carefully read the tips presented by the UCPD.


CalNet Account: For support with your CalNet account, visit here.  CalNet accounts, including the various services attached to it, will expire 30 days after a visitor’s official appointment end date.

Computing: Desktop computers are not available for use by visiting scholars and visiting student researchers.  Visitors can bring their own electronic devices and connect to the Internet.

Internet: To connect your device to WiFi, follow the instructions listed here

Printing, Copying, & Scanning: To use the Xerox machines in the law library, visitors must add money to their Cal ID card.  Visitors can also use the Xerox machines at the other UC Berkeley libraries.

We can provide very limited technical support to visitors.  Questions should be directed to the Director.  

VSPA Orientation

All visitors are encouraged to attend the optional orientation hosted by the VSPA office.