Berkeley Law Policies

Campus Policies

Policy Governing Posting of Notices

The purpose of the posting policy is to facilitate effective communication for members of the Berkeley Law community, to provide abundant and fair access to audiences, to avoid visual blight and maintain an aesthetic environment consistent with the School of Law’s mission, and to avoid fire and safety hazards and excessive maintenance costs.


Locations for Student-Posted Notices

Bulletin boards located in main corridors (assigned by SABL to student groups or journals). 

The notice boards outside each classroom, which may be used for noncommercial same-day notices subject to these conditions: no use during review days and exam periods or when official notices are posted there; only notices announcing events to take place on the very day the notice is posted; and removal of the notices after the event so that others may also use the boards.  Please be courteous and do not cover same-day notices belonging to other groups. Noncomplying notices will be removed.

Berkeley Law student organizations may post notices and posters on the north wall of the Laub Lobby with the following conditions: blue painter’s tape must be used for all notices; notices may not be posted for longer than a week; no single group should occupy the entire wall space.


No-Post Areas

Notices may be posted only as authorized above. With the exception of the north wall of the Laub Lobby as specified above, notices may not be posted on walls, windows, doors, moldings, partitions, lockers, mailboxes, or other structural features of the law building, or in the bathrooms. Notices posted outside the bulletin boards as authorized above will be removed.


Program of Legal Education

Berkeley Law School wants to hear any student concerns about significant problems that directly implicate the school’s program of legal education and its compliance with the ABA’s Accreditation Standards. Any student having such a concern should submit it in writing to the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students shall work with the appropriate administrator to address the complaint. The law school maintains a record of student complaints submitted during the most recent accreditation period, which includes the resolution of the complaints.