Live Sessions Via Zoom

These first-year JD orientation sessions are live and remotely held through Zoom. All sessions are mandatory. The live sessions will not be recorded. Some sessions include all incoming students and others are divided by Mod, Legal Research and Writing Section, or other group. Please see the schedule below for more details. 

All Orientation sessions can be accessed through the First-Year J.D. Class of 2024 Orientation bCourses site. The links to the live sessions for the day will be posted each morning.

There are three parts to Orientation:

  1. Pre-recorded sessions to complete by August 11 at 9:00 am PT
  2. Pre-recorded sessions to complete by August 13 at 5:00 pm PT
  3. Live sessions via Zoom on August 11-13 (see below)

Please attend all these required sessions.

Orientation Live Sessions

Wednesday, August 11

When What Who

9:00 am 

Welcome and Roadmap 
(30 minutes)

Alice Young 
Director of Admissions for Outreach and Recruitment

Joseph Lindsay
Associate Director of Admissions and Scholarship Programs

Erwin Chemerinsky
Dean and Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law

Annik Hirshen
Dean of Students

Yara Slaton, Ximena Velazquez-Arenas
SABL Co-Presidents



9:30 am 



Oath of Professionalism 
(30 minutes)

Judge Jennifer Madden


10:15 am 

Law School 101 

(60 minutes)

Kristen Holmquist
Director of Experiential Education and Lecturer in Residence

11:30 am 

1L Curriculum 

(6o minutes) 

First-Year Faculty

1: 30 pm (Mod 3 ONLY)

Mod 3 Meeting 

(50 minutes)


Thursday, August 12

When What Who

9:00 am (AM 1, AM 2, and AM 3)* 

Equity & Inclusion Workshop: A Time for Conscious Action
(90 minutes) 

Fletcher Consulting

1:00 pm (PM 1, PM 2, and PM 3)* 

Equity & Inclusion Workshop: A Time for Conscious Action
(90 minutes)

Fletcher Consulting

10:00 am (Mod 4, 7, and 9)

11:00 am (Mod 5 and 8 [8.1 and 8.5 are both Mod 8]) 

1:00 pm (Mod 1 and 2) 

2:00 pm (Mod 6) 

Mod Meetings 
(50 minutes) 


Friday, August 13

When What Who
9:30 am 

Student Life Panel
(60 minutes)

Kyle Valenti
Senior Director of Student Services 

Emily Bruce
Director of Equity & Inclusion, Student Services

10:45 am (Sections E/F, M/N, U/V, Y/Z, OO/PP) 

11:00 am (Sections A/B, I/ J, Q/R, CC/DD, KK/LL) 

11:30 am (Section GG/HH)

11:45 am (Sections G/H, O/P)

12:00 pm (Sections C/D, K/L, S/T, AA/BB, EE/FF, MM/NN, QQ/RR) 

1:00 pm (Sections W/X)

1:30 pm (Sections II/JJ)

Legal Research and Writing (LRW) Meetings
(45 minutes)
LRW Faculty

If you need accommodations for Orientation, please contact Kyle Kate Dudley at

*Your assigned workshop session was sent to you via email on Friday, August 6th (subject Berkeley Law Orientation Next Week)