How To – Berkeley Law Room System

A Brief Tutorial

Summer 2020 Berkeley Law upgraded it’s room request system. Here is an overview of how to make it work for you.

This tutorial assumes you have established your room account. If you are encountering issues not discussed here, or need assistance with your account, please contact Room Planning

A few reminders before we start:

  • The Law School’s facilities, including the classrooms, event and auditorium space, and indoor and outdoor tabling and reception space, are reserved exclusively for use by the Law School. 
  • During the designated Review Sessions/Reading Period, only law school meetings that are exclusively for faculty and/or staff may be scheduled in law school space.  Meetings, events, etc. that include students or other members of the law school community are not permitted.
  • During the Final Examinations Period no events can be scheduled in the Law School,  except those related to the administration of exams.  The only exception to this is that faculty meetings may occur in the Warren Room, so long as they are not disruptive of the administration of exams.
  • Facilities must be used in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws, including ADA regulations, as well as in accordance with University policies and procedures. For details see UCPD Rules of Conduct In Campus Buildings.
  • The Law School reserves the right to move events from a requested room or cancel events if they become in conflict with the Law School’s priorities.

Follow this link <Coming Soon> to log in to the room system, then follow these steps:


Steps in requesting a room

  • On logging in you will be presented with the room templates associated with your account.
  • Each template shows specific rooms defined by their function and use.
  • For template details click the ‘about’ button.
  • To book rooms in a specific template click the ‘book now’ button.
  • NOTE Student Orgs and Journals: Do NOT use the “Law Student Self-Serve Meeting Rooms” template for student group events. If you do not see “Student Org/Journal Meeting Rooms Request,” please contact Room Planning.

  • Enter the date, start time, end time and number of people you estimate will attend. Each the criteria must be entered for the search to work. The time zone and location are filled automatically.
  • NOTE: Enter actual time of event, do not add setup/breakdown time, the system does so for event rooms/spaces.
  • For date you can type over the provided date or click the calendar icon to pick from a calendar grid.
  • For times you can type in the box, e.g., 8.30a (specify AM or PM), or click on the clock icon to use a time chooser.
  • For number of people you can type a number or click the arrows to adjust. 
  • NOTE: the number of people entered affects your search results. Rooms with a capacity smaller than your number will not be displayed, or a blank grid will display if below the minimum capacity. Adjust as needed.
  • Click Search or Next Step.

  • Rooms that meet the criteria will display in a grid with the times as red lines.
  • Click the green plus to add a room that has no conflicting event within your time lines.
  • A box will pop-up to confirm your selection.
  • The selection will move to the upper Selected Rooms box:

  • You may remove this room by clicking the red minus or adjust your time by editing a time box and clicking Search again, assuming that time is available.
  • If you like your selections, click Next Step in the upper right corner.

Your view will be different depending upon which template you use.

Law Student Self Serve Meeting Rooms- Law Building and Law Library

  • All fields will fill automatically.
  • Click the blue terms and conditions text to review, then click the check box to agree.
  • Click the Create Reservation button to finalize.

All other templates- Fill out the reservation details fields on this page.

  • Event Name field- This is supplied to the room displays next to the doors of most rooms, this is viewable by public and how your attendees will know they have the correct room!
  • Group details drop down- If you represent multiple groups please select the correct one here. Also you may specify up to two contacts.
  • NOTE: If you do not see the group you want to reserve the event under AND you are the designated reserver for the group, contact Room Planning.
  • Complete the rest of the fields to the bottom of the page.
  • Click the blue terms and conditions text to review, then click the check box to agree
  • Click the Create Reservation button to finalize.

Your event will be reviewed and you will be notified of it’s status as soon as possible. Please see the Room Reservation pages for more on this process.

At this time:

  • You many edit this reservation immediately using the link on the Reservation Created page.
  • On the My Home page there is a My Bookings box, if none displayed click the blue Take Me to the Next Booking link to edit or cancel.

Building Services (room set-up) and Media Services (AV set-up), should you need them, require a minimum of three working days to fit you into their workload once you have a confirmed reservation.



Alcohol Permits

  • An alcohol permit is required for all events on campus where alcohol is served. Download the form and follow the eight step process to complete the permit as directed on this page: Alcohol Permit Page
  • There are two sections, one for Student Orgs and Journals, one for Centers, Faculty and Staff. Choose the appropriate section.
  • You must submit your completed permit to the Director of Operations at least ten (10) working days prior to the event as U.C.P.D. requires a minimum of seven (7) working days prior to the event to process the request, plus handling time at Berkeley Law.

Food Selling Permits (i.e. bake sale)

  • NO cooking of any kind is permitted at the law school.
  • A Campus Environmental Health & Safety food permit is required for any event where food will be provided to a broad community, and anytime food is being sold on campus for any purpose.
  • EH&S food handling guidelines and link to the permit application are here:
  • If you are familiar with the guidelines the application is here:
  • Permit applications must be submitted at least 7 calendar days before the event date to ensure adequate time for review and processing. Permits received less than 7 calendar days before the event date may not be reviewed in time.

The Browse Functions

In the left sidebar of the room system are powerful tools for discovering room use at the law school. Both are updated in real time.

Events- a calendar style view of all that is happening in the building. You can:

  • zoom to a date to see the day or range of days you are interested in
  • add filters to focus on room or event types
  • change the list view to see daily, weekly or monthly scale.

Locations- the rooms and what is happening in them as a graphic map. You can:

  • zoom to a date to see the day or range of days you are interested in
  • add filters to focus on room features or capacity
  • narrow to single rooms of interest

The Law Academic Calendar

The law school keeps it’s own academic calendar as our deadlines are slightly different from Campus due to the need to meet ABA requirements and deadlines.