The Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice sponsors ground-breaking conferences and symposia that bring together experts from around the country to discuss strategies for social change.  Perhaps more than any other area of law, social justice is about connection.  For our students, symposia are an unparallelled opportunity to connect with likeminded students, future colleagues, and mentors from around the globe.

  • Fall 2014 The New Prosperity Law: Expanding Opportunity and Reducing Inequality – 50 Years After the War on Poverty
  • Fall 2013 Working for Change: Low-Wage Earners at the Tipping Point
  • Spring 2013 Race, Domestic and Sexual Violence: From the Prison Nation to Community Resistance 
  • Fall 2012 Heeding Frickey’s Call:  Doing Justice in Indian Country
  • Spring 2012 Gendered Violence Against African American Girls and Young Women:  Breaking the Silence 
  • Fall 2011 Exposing Structural Racism From Within:  The Power of Restorative Justice
  • Spring 2011 Gendered Violence Against African American Girls and Young Women:  A Call to Action
  • Fall 2010 Empowered Partnerships:  Participatory Action Research for Environmental Justice
  • Fall 2009 ReProducing Justice 
  • Spring 2009 Beyond Law’s Divide: Effective Strategies for Redress in the 21st Century 
  • Fall 2008 Transformative Justice in Communities of Color: A Convening 
  • Spring 2008 Whose Poverty? Whose Crime? Unlocking the Criminalization of Poverty 
  • Fall 2007 Reclaiming and Reframing the Dialogue on Race and Racism 
  • Spring 2007 Law’s Violence, Ruptured Community:  Justice and Healing for Immigrant Youth 
  • Spring 2007 – Colloquium Law and Community Economic Justice in the 21st Century:  Creating a Vision of Transformative Justice 
  • Fall 2006 Loving by Law:  Forty Years Since Loving v. Virginia 
  • Spring 2006 Citizenship Without Borders: Belonging & Exclusion in Immigrant American 
  • Fall 2005 The New Face of California:  The Great Central Valley 
  • Spring 2005 Social Justice Movements in the U.S.:  Appraising the Past, Unlocking the Future 
  • Fall 2004 After the War on Crime:  Race, Democracy and a New Reconstruction 
  • Spring 2004 New Metropolis:  Social Change in California’s Cities 
  • Fall 2003 Rekindling the Spirit of Brown v. Board of Education:  A Call to Action 
  • Spring 2003 The Corporation in Social Context:  An Agenda for the Future
  • Fall 2002 Whose Welfare?:  Income Transfers and Economic Justice 
  • Spring 2002 Reparations for Slavery and its Legacy 
  • Spring 2000 Strategies of Empowerment:  A Diverse Academy in a Post-Affirmative Action World