Francine Marie Diaz Memorial Award

2016 Francine Diaz Memorial Award

The Francine Diaz Award is conferred each year on a graduating student whose studies and career plans best reflect Francine’s commitment to social justice for women of color. Established in 1987, this award serves to memorialize Francine Diaz’s commitment to social justice through legal services and advocacy. Diaz, a member of the class of 1987, was tragically killed in a car accident while returning home from the Boalt Hall Employment Discrimination Clinic, where she was working. During her first year at Berkeley Law, Diaz was a member of the La Raza Students Association, serving on its steering committee and as treasurer. She was also active in the Migrant Legal Services program. Outside Berkeley Law, Diaz sat on the board of Centro Legal de la Raza, a community law firm serving San Francisco’s Mission District.

Established by Diaz’s family and friends, the Award is given to a candidate who has shown commitment to social justice through their work experience, their involvement with organizations concerned with social justice, their course selection at Berkeley Law, and their career plans. After nominations have been received, the chosen students then submit a personal statement outlining their qualifications. A committee comprised of Berkeley Law faculty members and several friends of Diaz review the applications and selects a recipient.

Past Recipients

  • 2018 Mary Dahdouh & Vanessa Godinez
  • 2017 DeCarol Davis & Alynia Phillips
  • 2016 Lupe Victoria Aguirre & Evelyn Rangel-Medina
  • 2015 Reetu Mody & Cristina Najarro
  • 2014 Sofia Corona Gomez
  • 2013 Sonja Diaz, Marissa Ram & Diana Rashid
  • 2012 Rachel Johnson-Farias & Yanin Senachi
  • 2011 Camille Pannu
  • 2010 Lucero Chavez & Atteeyah Hollie
  • 2009 Desiree Ramirez
  • 2008 Mojgone Azemun
  • 2007 Lisa Cisneros & Kailana Piimauna
  • 2006 Seema Patel
  • 2005 Noura Erakat & Nora Preciado
  • 2004 Karla Hampton
  • 2003 Stephanie Lucero & Monique Morales
  • 2002 Erica Flores
  • 2001 Gina Amato
  • 2000 Celia Yapita
  • 1999 Maureen Lim
  • 1998 Christine Soto
  • 1997 Kristin Weber
  • 1996 Sheri Brady
  • 1995 Pat Sekaquaptewa
  • 1994 Jo-Anne Henry
  • 1993 Yvette Verastegui & Lydia Radic-Gutierrez (Hon. Mention)
  • 1992 Noelani Jai & Patricia Gordon (Hon. Mention)
  • 1991 Sylvia Soler
  • 1990 Rosemary Torres
  • 1989 Shannon Salinas & Rebecca Hall (Hon. Mention)
  • 1988 Tanya Russell
  • 1987 Nancy Taylor