Public Law & Policy Workshop

Fall 2019 Program




August 19

Erwin Chemerinsky, Berkeley Law

The Establishment Clause: In Defense of Separating Church and State
August 26 Bertrall Ross, Berkeley Law Passive Voter Suppression
September 9 John Yoo, Berkeley Law A Defense of the Electoral College in the Time of Trump
September 16  Bernie Meyler, Stanford Law Common Law Confrontations
September 23 Justice Elena Kagan  Background Readings on the Work of the Supreme Court
September 27 Jamal Greene, Columbia Law The Rights Epidemic: How the Addiction to Absolute Justice is Dividing America, and What We Can Do About It
September 30 Ed Rubin, Vanderbilt Law A Theory of Democracy for the Administrative State
October 7 Carlton Larsen, UC Davis Law The Trials of Allegiance: Treason, Juries, and the American Revolution
October 14 Dan Farber, Berkeley Law Contested Ground: Presidential Power and the Constitution
October 18

Will Baude, University of Chicago Law


October 28 Rebecca Ingber, Boston University Law  
November 4 Karen Tani, Berkeley Law  
November 8 Matt Waxman, Columbia Law  
November 18

Sai Prakash, Virginia Law