Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory


Fall Semester 2017

All classes meet in 141 Boalt Hall (unless otherwise noted*), Fridays from 12:00pm-3:15pm. To request a copy of papers contact:

Course description:

This course is a workshop for discussing work-in-progress in moral, political, and legal theory. The central aim is to enable students to engage directly with philosophers, political theorists, and legal scholars working on normative questions. Another aim is to create a space that brings together people from different disciplines and perspectives — including economists, sociologists, and political scientists as well as journalists — who have strong normative interests or who speak to issues philosophers and theorists should know something about. In Fall 2017, the workshop will focus on “borders, citizenship, and immigration.” A list of confirmed presenters is below.

The format of the course will be as follows. For the sessions with guest presenters, lunch will be served starting at 12:00. We’ll begin at 12:15. A designated commentator will lead off with a 15-minute comment on the presenter’s paper. The presenter will have 5-10 minutes to respond and then we will open up the discussion to the group. The first part of the course will be open to non-enrolled students and faculty who wish to participate in the workshop discussion. We’ll stop for a break at 1:45 and those not enrolled in the course will leave. Enrolled students will continue the discussion with the guest presenter from 2:00 to 3:00.

This is a room-shared course. Students may enroll through the Law School (Law 210.2), Philosophy Department (Philosophy 290), or the Political Science Department (PS 211). The first class will meet on Friday, August 25.

August 25 Professor Joshua Cohen
Professor Sarah Song

Introductory meeting
(for enrolled students only)

September 1 Michael Clemens
Center for Global Development
 “On the Sovereignty to Exclude Immigrants:  A Factual Allegory”

For copies of the paper email:

September 8

Joseph Carens
University of Toronto Political Science  

 “Why Do Political Philosophers Disagree?
Reflections on David Miller’s
‘Strangers in Our Midst'”

September 15 Anna Stilz
  “The Duty to Allow
      Harmless Migration.” 
September 22 Kamal Sadiq
UC Irvine
Political Science
 Title:  TBA
For copies of the paper email:
September 29 Irene Bloemraad
UC Berkeley
 “Theorizing the Power of Citizenship as Claims-Making” 
October 6

Sungmoon Kim
City University of
Hong Kong
Public Policy

 Title:  TBA 
October 13 Katerina Linos
UC Berkeley
School of Law
 Title:  TBA
October 20 Rogers Smith
University of Pennsylvania
Political Science
  Title:  TBA
October 27 David Martin
University of Virginia
School of Law
 Title:  TBA 
November 3 Cristina Rodriguez
Law School
 Title:  TBA 
November 17 Leti Volpp
UC Berkeley
School of Law
  Title:  TBA
December 1
*Rm. 145 Boalt Hall
Reihan Salam
Executive Editor of National Review
 Title:  TBA 

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