2018 Special Opportunities

On occasion, organizations will approach us about the possibility of hosting a summer fellow. Those special opportunities will be posted below as we receive them. If interested, please reach out directly to the organization. General questions about these opportunities may be directed to Audrey Whiting at audrey.whiting@berkeley.edu.

Keep reading for special opportunities from:

  • Article One

  • eyeWitness to Atrocities

  • OHCHR Syria

Article One

What we do

Article One is a specialized business and human rights consulting firm based in Berkeley, California. We work with companies, institutions and state agencies, helping our clients develop and implement strategies to promote corporate respect for human rights and sustainability.  Our clients include UNICEF, Microsoft, Visa, Barrick Gold, and Chiquita.

We envision a world in which business succeeds and all people are free and equal in dignity and rights.  Our mission is to help the world’s leading companies and institutions become more successful through respect for human rights and sustainability.

What you will do

The business and human rights Summer Associate will learn about approaches that the private sector is taking to assess, manage, and remedy human rights impacts across a variety of industries and geographies. The Summer Associate will play a key role in delivering on the company’s mission by (1) researching a specific business and human rights topic and developing tools to be used in client engagements (2) executing on client projects through research and deliverable development, (3) planning stakeholder engagement and leading Article One thought leadership through published communications. The Summer Associate will work directly with Article One’s Principals on these three workstreams, and will be based in Article One’s Berkeley, California office.

For more information, download the job description here and email marissa@articleoneadvisors.com


eyeWitness to Atrocities

What we do

The eyeWitness mobile camera app allows users to capture photos and video that are embedded with metadata to verify where and when the footage was taken, and whether the image was altered or not. Both the images and the metadata are stored in a secure gallery within the app until the user submits them to a storage database controlled by eyeWitness and hosted by Lexis Nexis.

eyeWitness becomes an advocate for the relevant footage, ensuring it is used to promote accountability for the atrocity crimes captured. An expert legal team analyses all footage received and identifies the appropriate international, regional and/or national bodies to investigate further. eyeWitness does not commission or conduct investigations, but strives to support the accountability efforts of our local partners or advocate for accountability in situations where no efforts are underway.

What you will do

eyeWitness is currently working on developing the second generation of the mobile camera app for Android devices. As part of this, we would also like to improve our current back-end system that allows us to archive and catalogue the photo, video and audio files received through the app. You will have knowledge of multimedia databases, and look at the current code to either suggest improvements or assist with its re-development. We are looking for someone who can work closely with our Director and Senior Legal Advisor and conduct iterative usability testing. Ideally, you will also be able to lead on other technical queries related to the database. Additionally, we are interested in exploring how machine learning can help in analysing the footage, so that knowledge would be an asset.

If you would like any more technical information to assess whether you can be a good fit, please get in touch with Raquel Vazquez, Senior Legal Advisor, raquel.vazquezllorente@int-bar.org

For more information, visit http://www.eyewitnessproject.org/



What we do

The Office of the High Commissioner’s (OHCHR) Syria Team monitors, analyses and reports on the human rights situation in Syria through contributions to the Secretary-General’s monthly reporting to the Security Council and other UN reporting mechanisms. The Team is the key source for OHCHR data collection and advocacy on Syria, contributing to speeches and press statements by the High Commissioner, Deputy High Commissioner and other senior officials. It also provides information and early warning notifications to other UN agencies as well as international partners, and liaises with the International Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria established by the UN Human Rights Council.

What you will do

OHCHR Syria is currently looking for a fellow to undertake a 3 month internship with its Monitoring Team, based in Beirut. The ideal candidate will be well versed in the use of research and verification techniques for open source information, with solid practical experience using social media applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Telegram as well as geolocation tools such as Google Earth and other related software. S/he will be expected to work closely with staff members of the Syria Team and assist them in daily monitoring of the human rights situation in Syria, as well as to assist in developing staff members’ capacities in the strategic use of technology for human rights monitoring- including in the verification of digital imagery received from sources, the geo-location of suspected incident sights, the tracking and preservation of digital communications of various groups, the monitoring and recording of statements by parties to the conflict, and the development of spreadsheets and related tools the office uses to identify various patterns and trends.

S/he may also be asked to support team members and other partners on the use of specific technology applications for the monitoring and verification of violations of international humanitarian and human rights law. Fluency in English is required. Fluency or working knowledge in Arabic would be a distinct asset but not required. Knowledge of Russian, Turkish, Kurdish, or Farsi would be an advantage.

S/he will be given an opportunity to make a positive contribution to OHCHR’s work on Syria, as well as broaden their human rights experience and knowledge and be directly exposed to the work of OHCHR. The selected candidate will be able to work in coordination with a diverse team of human rights officers, and will be given the opportunity to make a positive contribution towards efforts to ensure human rights protection in one of the world’s most serious human rights and humanitarian crises. While the position is unpaid and the successful candidate would be expected to travel and live in Beirut at their own expense, it does present the opportunity to work with an OHCHR field office engaged in real-time monitoring of an ongoing armed conflict. OHCHR Syria would also hope that the candidate would make use of the experience gained with us in future work developing tools and enhancing the use of digital technology in human rights monitoring and advocacy work.

For more information, email Audrey Whiting at audrey.whiting@berkeley.edu.