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Health-related Resources

Investigation-related Resources

Prosecution-related Resources

Relevant Laws

National SOPs and Action Plans

Screening and Documentation Tools

International Crimes Investigation and Prosecution

Response to SGBV in Emergencies

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Health-related Resources

MP_SART Manual_2nd Ed_1304

DRC_Module de Formation Prestataires des soins aux SVS_Aug 2012

DRC_Panzi Foundation_Protocole de juridique des survivantes des vs

DRC_Protocole PEC Psychosocial des VSVS_June 2012

HHRI_Training Manual_Mental Health for Providers_SV in Conflict

Kenya_Chain of Med-Legal Evidence Rept_LVCT_2012

Kenya_Challenges Svc Providers_Medico-Legal Svcs for SV_LVCT_2011

Kenya_Challenges Svc Providers_Medico-Legal Svcs for SV_LVCT_2011-2Kenya_National Health Sector SOPs on Mgmt of SV in Kenya_2014

Kenya_Natl Guidelines on Mgmt of Sexual Violence_3rd Edition_2014

Kenya_Sexual Offences Medical Regulations 2012

Liberia_MOHSW & MOJ_SOPs_One Stop Centres_SGBV Services_2013Liberia_MOHSW & WHO_Clinical Management SGBV Manual_2005

Sierra Leone_Rainbo Centres _An Overview_IRC_2013

Uganda_DPP_Guidelines for Completing Police Form_Sexual Assault Victims

Uganda_MOH Directive on Completion of PF3A_Dec 2012

Sample forms

DRC_PHR_Medical Certificate_Feb 2015

DRC_PHR_Medical Certificate_Feb 2015_French

DRC_Protocole d’engagement Panzi

Kenya_Ministry of Health_Post-Rape Care (PRC) Form

Kenya_MOH_Monthly SGBV Summary Tool

Kenya_MOH_SGBV Register for Health Facilities_Jan 2015

Kenya_PHR_Chain of Custody Form

Liberia_LNP_WACPS_Medical Report Form

Liberia_MOHSW_Medical Report & Referral Consent forms

Liberia_MOHSW_Medical Report Form

Liberia_MOJ_Chain of Custody Log_2009

Uganda_Police Form 3A_Medical Exam_Sexual Assault

Uganda_Police Form 24A_Medical Examin_Person Accused

Kenya Training Materials on Clinical Management of Sexual Violence

Kenya_Clinical Management of Sexual Violence course materials



Investigation-related Resources

Liberia_MOJ_Sexual Assault & Abuse Police Handbook_2009

Sierra Leone_Guidelines on SGBV Case Mgmt_Handbook for Family Support Units_Police_UNDP

Uganda_CEDOVIP_Responding to VAW_A Training Manual for Police_2009

Uganda_CIID_SOPs for Investigating SGBV and Child-Related Offences

Uganda_Human Rights GBV & ChildProtection_Police Training_OHCHR & Uganda HR Commission



Prosecution-related Resources

DRC_Protocole national de référence legale des survivants de VSX_June 2012

Kenya_SOA_Prosecutors Reference Manual

Liberia_AFELL_Rape Law_Prosecution Procedures_flier

Liberia_Sexual Assault & Abuse Prosecution Handbook_2009



Relevant Laws

DRC_Code de procédure pénale congolais

DRC_Code Judiciaire Militaire_2002

DRC_Code penale militaire

DRC_J.O. n° Spécial du 25 mai 2009-A4VF

DRC_Résolution sur le droit à un recours et à réparation

Kenya_Sexual Offences Act – Revised Edition 2009

Kenya_Sexual Offences Act_2006 – Simplified Version




Liberia_Act Establishing Court E

Liberia_Amendment to Penal Code_New Rape Law 2006

Sierra Leone_The Sexual Offences Act_2012

Uganda_DV Act_2010

Uganda_FGM Act_2010

Uganda_DV Act_Regulations_2011

Uganda_Human Rights GBV & ChildProtection_Police Training_OHCHR & Uganda HR Commission

Uganda_CIID_SOPs for Investigating SGBV and Child-Related Offences

Uganda_International Criminal Court Act_2010

Uganda_Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act_2009



National SOPs and Action Plans

DRC _Stratégie Nationale de Lutte Contre les VSX_Nov 2009

DRC_Plan d’action de la stratégie nationale de lutte contre les VSX_Nov 2009

DRC_Protocole National de réinsertion socioéconomique et scolaire des su_June 2012

Liberia_GBV Interagency Task Force_UNICEF_Safe House National Guidelines

Liberia_MOGD_National SOPs for Prevention & Respnse to SGBV_2009



Screening and Documentation Tools

Kenya_FIDA_Actions Taken Form_Final-2

Kenya_FIDA_Case Follow Up Form_Final

Kenya_FIDA_Client Feedback Questionnaire_Final

Kenya_FIDA_Clients Details Form_Final

Kenya_FIDA_Clients Details Form(CBO)_Final

Kenya_Filadepfia Women Crisis Center_ Case Profiling Form

Uganda_JRP_Story-Telling Documentation & Healing



International Crimes Investigation and Prosecution

ICC_Modes-of-Liability_WIGJ_2013ICC_OTP_Policy Paper on Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes_2014

ICC_OTP_Policy Paper Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes_2014_FRENCH

ICC_OTP_Policy Paper on Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes_2014

PSVI_Intl Protocol on Documentation & Investigation of SV in Conflict_2017

PSVI_Intl Protocol on Documentation & Investigation of SV in Conflict_2014

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court_English

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court_French

Sexual Violence and Pattern Evidence_Agirre Aranburu_2010



Response to SGBV in Emergencies

GBV AoR_Handbook for Coordinating Gender-based Violence in Humanitarian Settings_2010

HRC_Safe Haven_Sheltering Displaced Persons from SGBV_Comparative Report_2013

IASC_Establishing GBV Standard Operating Procedures

IASC_Guidelines for GBV Interventions in Humanitarian Settings_2005

IRC_Caring for Child SGBV Survivors_Guidelines for Humanitarian Settings_2012

Liberia_ARC_SGBV Toolkit_2005

WRC_MISP for RH in Crisis Situations_Distance Learning Module



Academic Observations

Domestic Accountability for Sexual Violence – Specialized Units_IRRC_Seelinger_2015

DRC_Experiences of Female SV Survivors in Eastern DRC_Kelly_2011

Kenya_A Population-Based Assessment of 2007-2008 Election-Related Violence in Kenya_Johnson_2014

Kenya_ICTJ Briefing_Accountability Gap on SV in Kenya_2014

Kenya_ICTJ_Briefing_Prosecuting International & Other Serious Crimes in Kenya_2013

Kenya_Time Series Analysis of Sexual Assault Cases & PEV in Kenya_Anastario_2014

Liberia_Thornhill_Engaging Men in the Fight against Gender Violence_Freedman 2012

Medico-Legal Evidence in Sex Assault Cases, Global Review_WHO_2007

Research Agenda SV in Conflict_WHO, SVRI

The Long Road_Accountability for SV in Conflict & Post-Conflict Settings_Seelinger & Freccero_2015

Uganda_SASA_RCT_Impact on Preventing VAW and HIV Risk_Kampala_Abramsky_2014

Wartime Sexual Violence_USIP_Cohen, Wood, Hoover Green_2013