Improving Access to Justice and Support


The Sexual Violence Program is often invited to provide technical assistance to foreign lawyers and judges working to improve accountability for sexual and gender-based violence and support for survivors. Some examples include: 

Drafting amicus curiae briefs and other resources to support war crimes trials in national courts, as in the case of Hissène Habre or Thomas Kwoyelo in Uganda.

Serving on UN High Commission for Refugees’ Advisory Group on Gender, Forced Displacement, and Protection.

Serving as expert commentator on the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict

Serving as member of expert working group on sexual violence against men and boys.

Facilitating workshops on the documentation of sexual violence as an international crime for first responders and security forces.

Creating online resource databases for practitioners upon request, including guidelines on post-rape care and forensic medical examination or background materials introducing customary international law.

Providing consultation and comparative legal research to the Liberian Law Reform Commission and Ministry of Gender and Social Development, as they draft a Domestic Violence Law.

Assisting the Liberian Ministry of Justice in developing a handbook for Expert Witnesses testifying in sexual violence cases.