HRC Fellowship Conference 2017



Friday, November 3, 12 to 4 pm + reception

Goldberg Room, Berkeley Law






Last Year’s Event

HRC Fellowship Conference 2016



12pm (lunch served)
Keynote speaker: Keramet Reiter
UC Irvine Professor of Law, 2010 Human Rights Center Fellreiter-10-imageow, and author of the forthcoming book, 23/7 Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement



Panels (5-minute TED-style talks followed by Q&A)fellowship-conference-poster_10-19

12:30pm: The Role and Rule of Law

Dickson Su: Gross Indecency and Unapprehended Felons in Singapore
Cristian Gonzalez: Towards a Movement Lawyering Approach to Practicing International Human Rights Law
Brittany Meché: Encountering the Drug/Terrorism Nexus: Security, Law Enforcement, and the ‘Problem’ of Human Rights in West Africa

1:15 pm: Redefining Basic: Social Services for Liberation

Samuel Contreras: Organizing for Safe Drinking Water in the San Joaquin Valley
Ellen Darius: Oral Health Disparities Among Children in San Francisco Chinatown; a Community-Based Approach
Margaret Mary Downey: Delivering Justice: Community-Based Doula Care with San Francisco’s Homeless Prenatal Program

1:45 pm: Why Women’s Leadership Matters

Shikha Silliman Bhattacharjee: Women’s initiatives to promote mobility, work and freedom from violence at all stages of the migration process in South Asia
Megan Lang: Confidence in Competence: Quantifying Mechanisms to Promote Grassroots Women’s Leadership
Woojin Jung: From Top-down Development to Bottom-up Activism

2:15 pm: Borders and Belonging

Melissa Carlson: Syrian refugees in Athens
Natalie Schultheis: Disparate Treatment and Death in BOP’s Private Immigrant-Only Prisons
Julia Sizek: Environmentalism and Sacred Site Protection in the California Deserts
Zahra Khalid: Citizen or Terrorist? The calculus of depriving Islamabad’s working class their right to shelter
Marko Pecak: Roma Education Advocacy Through Participatory Research

3:00 pm: Youth and Trauma: Challenges and Possibilities

Thanh Mai Bercher: Child trauma and education in the West Bank 
Laura KlivansWhy and How Kids End Up in Adult Court
Tria Blu Wakpa: Beyond a Politics of Carceral Liberation Towards Decolonization
Suzanne Caflische: Exploitation of Girls in Brazil
Mary Dahdouh: We need to talk about child torture victims, too

4:00 pm: All welcome to join the reception!

Every year the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley provides fellowships to students who wish to contribute to human rights organizations worldwide. 

Many thanks to Dr. Thomas J. White for making the Fellowship Program possible. Thanks also to the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Foundation for supporting of our fellowship in Brazil.

Special thanks to the community partners
that make the fellowship conference possible! 

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