Episode 14 – Online Extremism in a Time of Global Pandemic

In this episode, Ahmad Sultan and Vlad Khaykin join us to discuss their work with the Anti-Defamation League combatting hate speech online. They  share how their work has evolved during this global health crisis, engaging in their work from quarantine and addressing the increasing prevalence of incidents such as ‘Zoom Bombing’ as we transitioned to a ‘virtual world’ during the COVID19 pandemic.

This episode is part of a 14-part series on Israel and Jewish Identity in the age of COVID. The series includes interviews with experts on topics related to Israel and the novel coronavirus through different lenses – political developments, economic impacts, technology and surveillance, trauma and resilience – as well as lessons from Jewish tradition and the virus’ impact on Jewish communal life. The full season is available online here.

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Podcast on Israel and Jewish Identity in the Age of COVID

Featuring: Ahmad Sultan, Associate Director for Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Technology and Society
Vlad Khaykin, Director of Antisemitism Programs at ADL
Moderator: Maya Shemtov, Assistant Director, BIJLIS
Recorded live on Thursday, May 7th

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